Foot Warmers: Are They Worth It?

Foot Warmers: Are They Worth It?

Aug 16 , 2021


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No one likes having cold feet.

But, socks do not always warm our feet alone, and often we’re sat in the fluffiest socks imaginable with toes that feel like ice cubes.

If this is you, don’t worry!

Luckily, foot warmers will keep your feet toasty throughout the day, no matter where you are.


What is a Foot Warmer?

As the name suggests, a foot warmer is a tool that warms your feet up.

And they’re the perfect home remedy for people who suffer from arthritis and cold feet a lot, and they’re medically tested and proven to work.

Unfortunately, we are not all able to go for daily massages (if you can - great!), and so foot warmers will be your new best friend and rescue your toes from freezing.

How they work, depends on the type. There are 3 types


Battery powered

Typically, electric foot warmers will come with a cord that plugs into the socket and warms up the device, then you can control the heat based on your own preference.

But if you’re looking for something that’s portable, there are some options out there that require batteries instead, which means you can take it everywhere you go. Specifically, battery powered socks or insoles will give you the constant warmth you require, all you need to do is make sure they’re charged!

Heating pad

If you want to keep your feet warm indoors, a heated footrest is the way to go. And they’re available in lots of different variations so there’s bound to be one out there that’s comfortable for you, perhaps you want it for bed, for example. Heating pads generate heat electrically, so will either come with a cord or battery pack.

Heating pack

Chemical heat packs are an amazing source of heat for when you’re on the go. Usually, these come in pairs (one for each foot) and there are specific types for your toes and feet. The way it works is that the ingredients of iron, water, salt and active carbon are inside the pack and once it's shaken and mixed together it generates heat. Once they’ve warmed up, you can place them inside your socks and shoes making your feet stay warm. The only downside, is these are a one-time use only option, and you’ll have to replace them once the warmth goes.


Benefits of Using Foot Warmers

1. Comfort

Foot warmers provide great comfort and the heat generated gives great relaxing effects on the nerves and muscles.

Plus, this comfort leaves your body feeling re-energised as the heat reactivates the dormant tissues in the feet.

2. Improves Blood Circulation 

Heat from the foot warmers can increase blood flow, which means blood is able to circulate around the body and reach places it perhaps couldn’t before.

At the same time, foot warmers can help to unblock any blockages within the blood circulatory system, therefore improving blood circulation overall.

3. Speeds Up Healing

Following on from the previous point, increased blood circulation means muscles and tendons are able to heal quicker if there’s been any damage.

And so, foot warmers are great for a speedy recovery; it may hurt at first but the heat will cause the muscles to eventually relax.

4. Dissolves Toxins 

When toxins build up in your body it can be quite the pain trying to get rid of them.

Luckily, foot warmers are an effective body detoxifying tool that helps to push them into the bloodstream. And once they’re processed by the blood, they’re released by the body when you sweat.

5. Reduces Muscle Spasms 

You may experience muscle spasms after a long workout - don’t worry, this is completely normal.

Usually, if you visit a clinic you’ll be treated with a heated massage to calm the muscle down. As such, foot warmers can replace this and you can reduce muscle spasms in the comfort of your own home.

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