The Key Factors in Choosing the Perfect Footwear as a Woman

The Key Factors in Choosing the Perfect Footwear as a Woman

Dec 29 , 2020


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I am sure you must have heard the women in your life complain about not having enough footwear. Or, more specifically, they may complain about not the right footwear for an occasion.

Well, all this is true because choosing that perfect shoe to wear for that occasion involves a lot of backend research.

There are many factors that women, and even men nowadays, take into account while buying a pair of shoes. Unlike most men, a large proportion of women tend to match a particular experience with footwear. And hence, they would have a different shoe for a day, afternoon and an evening event

Let’s explore the driving factors that affect the purchase of a footwear.



As we all know, certain professions require you to dress up in a certain way.

It’s kind of a uniform that you’d follow every day and hence having the perfect shoe that does justice to your profession is very important.

For instance, closed boots, formal shoes, or closed sandals in neutral and solid colours are perfect for some. Whereas, some professions that involve working on site/ hands-on would need safety boots or sports shoes depending on the extent of work they need to perform on foot.



Most women not only focus on their dress, but also on their footwear when it comes to putting a look together.

Therefore, it is essential to understand what the occasion is, where it would be and for how long you need to wear the shoes.

For instance, if it’s an outdoor party, you’d probably go for platform heels, whereas if it’s an indoor party or event you could opt for those lovely stilettos.

On the other hand, if you are attending an event or exhibition and would need to walk around a lot more, it’s advisable to look for something that is more comfortable yet professional, like formal shoes with a soft sole.

So, you see how many shoes a woman could need, just depending on the type of event she needs to attend.


Personal Taste and Preferences

It’s not always about the performance; it’s sometimes just about how it makes you feel.

This above statement can be true for a number of things in life, but, here, we are talking about footwear.

Most women do like to spoil themselves and buy that fancy stiletto with sparkles or that perfect limited edition sneaker she had an eye on. In addition, there can be some colours she might not be able to wear at work or for professional events, but would love to flaunt it at brunch with her girls.

As a result, personal choice can come into play in terms of aesthetics or experience. In fact, personal taste drives most of the expensive purchases in the footwear industry. 

Her Present Needs

Finally, of course, you want to update your wardrobe, with the changing trends and needs.

A footwear you needed 3 years ago might not be something that goes with your personal brand and aesthetics today. Hence, you may need to update your wardrobe.

Today, you might want to address your health over style and hence, prefer to wear something comfortable over stylish. In addition, such changes come with age and changing times too.

Therefore, leading us to the conclusion: women can never have enough shoes!

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This blog was written by the founder of RKB Design Studio Ltd: Rupinder Kaur Bhanganni.

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