5 Easy Ways to Make Wearing Heels More Comfortable

5 Easy Ways to Make Wearing Heels More Comfortable

Oct 30 , 2021


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Even though a growing number of brands are working to make their heels more comfortable, the majority of the market is flooded with styles that prioritize fashion over function.

Unfortunately, a lack of cushioning with a towering stiletto will result in sore arches. On the other hand, stiff leather uppers and narrow toe boxes can cause painful blisters as well as contribute to existing foot conditions like bunions.

While we all want to look good, wearing high heels that kill your toes, heels and ankles will quickly snatch away your happiness, and no one wants to have a difficult time trying to look good while wobbling around a room in pain.

Don’t worry, we’re not saying to get rid of the heels you have now, because there are a few ways you can make wearing heels more comfortable. Here’s how… 

1. Lose Some Height

Let’s say you’ve fallen in love with a pair of heels that are 7 inches high.

You instantly know this is going to play havoc with your feet, but still these are the pair you want and need.

Don’t panic! Luckily, shoe repair shops and cobblers are often able to shorten the height of your heels by a couple of inches, depending on the shoe type, to make them more comfortable.

This way, you can still wear the style you want without adding too much strain on your arches and therefore be able to last longer in them throughout the day.

2. Focus on How You Walk

The way you walk in flats should differ from the way you walk in heels.

Heels are not trainers, so you have to carry yourself differently.

Essentially, you’ll want to use your core muscles and stand up tall - think like you’re about to walk onto a catwalk and use your hips to push yourself forward so it feels more like a bounce rather than a typical stride.

3. Choose the Right Heel Shape

It sounds obvious, but if you know you have wide feet, you shouldn’t choose pointed heels with a narrow toe box. 

Or if you’re flat footed, it wouldn’t be wise to choose heels higher than 3-4 inches or you’ll find your heels begin to ache.

Simply, find shoes that have enough space for your toes, otherwise you increase the risk of developing hammer toes, corns, bunions and arthritis.

Generally speaking, round toe or almond toe heels will give much more room, as will a deeper toe box. If you’re adamant on picking pointed toe heels, try to avoid those that have shallow toe boxes as this will pinch your toes, creating the perfect storm for foot pain.

4. Break Them In

Once you’ve bought your perfect pair of heels, depending on the material, it’s a good idea to stretch them out and give them some flexibility.

Especially if you know you have an upcoming event. Give yourself some time to buy and wear them a few times before the big day; wear them around the house a few times before venturing outside. 

Moreover, you can do this by wearing thicker socks which will help stretch out the areas that might have otherwise pinched your feet.

5. Use Padded Inserts

At times, how heels fit varies between brands and not all companies will carry half sizes.

Luckily, you can use padded heel inserts if you’ve bought a pair that’s slightly too big as they fill in the gaps at the back of your shoe and stop your feet from sliding forward, as well as create an extra barrier against friction that can result in blisters.

Similarly, silicone gel inserts that are designed specifically for heels will sit right underneath the balls of your feet and protect them from standing all day, as it reduces the pressure in that area.

Plus, padded inserts can help mitigate bunion pain as they stabilise the feet and prevent toes from getting squashed at the front of the shoe.

The Takeaway

To conclude, the next time you go shopping for new high heels always try them on before you buy. Make sure you have the right size and fit, and test them out either in the store or at home before you wear them out. And, the thicker the insole and cushioning, the more comfortable they will be.

Above all, high heels should make every woman feel comfortable and empowered, so do yourself and your feet a favour by choosing heels that are most suitable for your needs.

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