4 Important Safety Tips When Running

4 Important Safety Tips When Running

May 17 , 2021


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As with any activity, comes risks - and running is one of them.

Whether it be drivers who are not paying attention or unexpected obstacles on the road, there are a few potential hazards that runners of all skill levels should be mindful of.

With that in mind, here are a few safety tips that can help you to avoid dangerous situations when out on your next run.

1. Always Take Your Phone

For some, running is a great way to take a break from work and social pressures, which usually means - ditch your phone!

However, your phone is the perfect tool to use when you find yourself in an emergency.

For instance, if you fall and get a serious injury, your medical data can be downloaded by a paramedic.

Or, if you get lost, you can be tracked via a GPS tracking system - if you have one downloaded.

But, if you insist on not taking your phone with you, then make sure you let someone know when you leave and on your return.

Ultimately, you want someone to know of your whereabouts, should something unexpected happen.

2. Check The Weather Before Heading Out

No matter where your running track will be, whether it be on the road or through the country, you need to be mindful of the weather.

So, before you head out, check out the weather app on your phone so you know what to expect.

For instance, if it’s pouring down with rain, it’ll be better to run some place low and covered.

Furthermore, checking the weather will help you better prepare in terms of clothing, as well as ensuring you have the appropriate footwear for the terrain  you're running on.

3. Don’t Have Your Headphones Too Loud

It comes as no surprise, when you have music blaring in your ears, you’re not going to be aware of your surroundings.

For example, if there’s a potential attacker near you, not only will you be unable to hear them, but your reaction time will be slower too.

Don’t worry, we’re not saying ditch the headphones all together.

Instead, turn down the volume, or only play music from one side, so that you can still hear the world around you. 

4. Be Seen

Generally, you should be running against the traffic, but of course, use your best judgement to decide which side of the road is better to be seen by drivers.

When it comes to summer months, it’s no surprise why runners prefer heading out during the early hours of the morning or late at night.

But, running during a time where there is less daylight, will inevitably make it harder for you to be seen.

With this in mind, you should maximise your reflective gear and accentuate the moving parts of your body, i.e. arms and legs.

Moreover, at night time you should consider wearing a headlamp for not only you to see your track clearly, but for others to spot you too.

Closing Remarks

Overall, running is not a dangerous sport, but you need to be mindful and a bit of common sense is required.

So, before you head out for your next run, consider these factors above to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

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