What Shoes Can You Wear Without Socks?

What Shoes Can You Wear Without Socks?

Sep 08 , 2021


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Today, going sockless is a cool statement. Not only will you come across as daring and bold, wearing no socks will reward you with a stylish appearance that screams confidence. It will transform any relaxed outfit or sophisticated style into an edgy vibe that simply works.

Now, you can go sockless almost anywhere. Whether you’re off to dinner, going for drinks or grabbing a coffee - it’s perfectly fine as long as you wear the right shoes and style them properly.

But going sockless works for smart casual dress codes but never for business casual; formal attire should always be worn with socks otherwise you could come across as disrespectful and no one wants to make a bad first impression during a meeting, in the office or at a conference.

Here are 5 types of shoes you can wear without socks… 

1. Loafers

Loafers are the easiest shoes to wear without socks, hence why they’re first on the list.

These are the best choice for those of you who haven’t been sockless that often because they’re extremely versatile and pair well with a whole range of outfits, from casual right through to formal.

So if you’re looking for a sharp, formal touch then the penny or horsebit loafer will be your best bet.

On the other hand, a tassel loafer in either suede or leather will work better in more casual settings. 

2. Brogues

A little more challenging than loafers, brogues without socks still make a stylish choice.

Unlike slip-ons, brogues appear more polished due to their lace up style and without a doubt, are the shoe of choice for formal attire.

And because brogues are a fashion statement in themselves, wearing them without socks will make them stand out even more. For smart casual, try bolder colours and patterned brogues whereas for a more formal look, stick with neutral colours and designs.

3. Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are a popular shoe choice in the summer and without socks they look effortlessly stylish.

Let’s say you’re off to the beach, going on a yacht or just heading to a friends BBQ, boat shoes and bare ankles make the perfect option.

In regards to clothing, make the most out of your look by wearing cropped chinos and a button-up shirt or polo shirt - you could even throw on a blazer in more formal settings - but not business!

4. Monks

If you wear monks without socks, you’ll look edgy and contemporary that’s for sure!

Although these are formal shoes, flashing your ankles will add a relaxed feel to your polished outfit whilst still making a statement no one can ignore.

Keep in mind to keep the rest of your attire semi-formal otherwise you could look uncoordinated and just awkward.

For instance, you could wear a loose-fitted, relaxed suit with monks and no socks in the summer to look sharp, classic but casual at the same time.

5. Trainers

Trainers are no longer just for the gym. They’re a stylish streetwear option that looks good on everyone.

Luckily, they can easily be worn without socks too. All you need to do is choose the right style and pair them with the perfect outfit.

In this case, low cut trainers would be the best option as they will show off your ankle and help you make the most out of this trend.

In terms of colour, white would be the safest option and is the epitome of a sharp yet simple style. And it’s minimalism makes it the easiest choice to go sockless for a smart casual look.

Rounding Up

Always remember to leave your socks at home for suitable occasions - you’ll definitely want to wear socks in formal/business environments.

However, not wearing socks will attract more attention to your shoes so always make sure they’re clean and polished as that’s what people will be looking at.

Unfortunately, going sockless can cause sweaty and smelly feet and shoes, so if you like the look of wearing no socks, you could consider wearing invisible socks instead to help keep your feet fresh.

Overall, jeans, trousers and shorts look fine with no socks but a pair of slim fitted chinos and loafers or boat shoes will always look best for a laid-back vibe.

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