Our Top 5 Tips for Storing Shoes

Our Top 5 Tips for Storing Shoes

Nov 24 , 2021


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Shoes are your most hardest working accessories.

And, if they get ruined, replacing them is not cheap.

But, despite knowing how much a new pair will cost you, are you one of those people who just shove them in your wardrobe in a huge pile?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone - a lot of people just do this without giving any proper thought.

However, knowing how to store your shoes correctly will increase the lifespan of your shows, making them wearable for years to come and therefore save you money in the long run.

Of course, there are many different ways when it comes to storing shoes and a lot of different furniture to help you do this.

Yet, the most important thing to keep in mind is you need to keep them clean, dry and shapely.

To help you get started, here are our top 5 tips for storing shoes.

1. Clean Shoes Properly 

OK, so I know this one sounds a little obvious, but you must clean your shoes properly before you store them away.

So, ensure you wipe away any loose dirt from the soles and uppers; check our in depth guide on how to clean shoes properly here.

For leather shoes, make sure you have applied a leather conditioner to keep it moist and prevent the leather from cracking.

Then, once your shoes are thoroughly cleaned, you’ll be ready to store them away so when you next wear them, they still look as good as new.

2. Shoe Trees

From humidity to gravity, shoes will eventually begin to lose their shape.

Naturally, over time, the folds and creases that form on your shoes when you wear them can become permanent and ruin their original structure.

Not to mention, as time goes by material begins to age and shoes become stiffer; especially older leather shoes that have spent a lot of time in storage without any filling.

So, to help your shoes keep their original shape and keep them looking box-new, consider purchasing shoe trees to insert inside when you’re not wearing them.

Please note, these should only be used as a short term solution, but for something long term, check our next tip.

3. Wooden Shoe Horns

If you have a sacred pair of shoes that only make appearances for special occasions, you’ll want to insert wooden shoe horns when you store them away.

The reason being, shoes that are not going to be worn for at least a week will need more structure, and wooden shoe horns are the perfect option to help shoes keep their shape.

Keep in mind, you will need to use the correct size shoe horn; go too big and you risk overstretching the shoe, although there are adjustable versions that let you customise the fit before storing them away.

Lastly, before you do insert wooden shoe horns, it’s important to allow your shoes to rest for a day after wearing them to ensure any moisture has completely gone.

Otherwise, the shoe horn could trap any dampness which can lead to deterioration, and that’s the last thing you want!

4. Keep Shoes Off the Floor

Sometimes, it’s just natural instinct to chuck your shoes on the floor in your wardrobe or cupboard.

Please stop. You’re only making it harder for yourself: how will you possibly find two matching shoes when they’re flopped over each other in a huge pile?

Not only that, but if they’re just thrown carelessly, small features like tassels and straps may get tangled with one another and cause damage when you’re trying to break them free.

Instead, line them up nicely.

At the end of the day, you’ve spent money on them, so treat them how they deserved to be treated: with care.

That said, a shoe rack will be your new best friend, but, not the ones that are made with wire contraptions; they’re not great for heels and quite frankly, more trouble than it’s worth.

Alternatively, consider investing into clear shoe boxes or organisers that can hang from your wardrobe’s doors.

Whatever you decide, just don’t store your shoes directly on the floor. 

5. Sort in Categories

Once your shoes are nice and clean and you’ve decided how you’re going to store them, it’s a good idea to organise them into groups.

To begin with, divide your shoes into two categories:

  1. Shoes you wear all the time
  2. Shoes you wear on the odd occasion 

Then, the shoes you’re left with can be categorised too, for example similar styles should be together. This could be formal shoes for professional settings, shoes you’d wear out for dinner or shoes you would wear for lots of walking.

Essentially, you need to think about what you wear each pair of shoes for, and by sorting them into categories before storing them away, you’ll make your life a lot easier when it comes to picking the perfect pair for whatever event or activity you’re getting ready for.

Rounding Up

Over time, you have probably acquired a lot of shoes (if you’re anything like me, you need a brand new pair for every affair!), and storing them can be a real pain at times.

Hopefully, these tips above have given you some guidance on how to store shoes away properly when you’re not wearing them and give them a longer life.

Please get in touch to find out more.

In the meantime, check our range of comfortable shoes here.

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