The Best Shoes for Ankle Support: Keep Your Ankles Safe From Sprains!

The Best Shoes for Ankle Support: Keep Your Ankles Safe From Sprains!

Mar 21 , 2022


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It's that time of year again when the weather starts to change and we have to start being more careful about which shoes we wear. 

You can't just wear any type of shoes when you have ankle discomfort or weakness. Running shoes, for example — which are some of the most comfortable footwear available — don't always fit the bill. 

And the last thing you want is a sprained ankle, so today we're going to talk about the best shoes for ankle support. 

Before we jump right in, it's worth nothing that if you do have any issues with your ankles, it's always a good idea to consult with your doctor as to what shoes are best suited for you. 

But in general, shoes with a sturdy foundation and a large heel cup will assist to stabilise your foot and ankle.

For Support: Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

You may have noticed a lot of people wearing Nike's React shoes around. 

Given their cutting-edge technology, it's no surprise that they're so popular. React's cushioning system responds to your footsteps while providing a light, plush feel, yet they are robust and can endure your longest strolls. 

These are a pair of motion-control shoes, which means they're meant to minimise your feet and ankles' wiggling while you walk; they're all about maximum support.

Main Features: 

  • Lightweight cushion
  • Breathable and durable flyknit upper
  • Ankle and foot stabilisation
  • Have a narrower fit

For Overpronation: Asics GT-2000

Whether you're about to go for a long run or go grocery shopping, the Asics GT-2000 is a multi-functional running shoe that's worth considering if you're looking for the best ankle support shoes for your feet. 

Made with a cushioned heel, the GT-2000 is great at stabilising your heel with each step as well as absorbing the shock as you walk.

Main features:

  • Built with added ankle support
  • Cushioned, stable heel
  • Shock-absorbing midsole
  • Ideal for people with overpronation 

For High Arches: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

The Brooks Adrenaline is designed with support and stability in mind. 

It includes inner GuideRails, which limit unwanted ankle and heel movement. 

The uppers are made with breathable mesh, which also gives you a little stretch while keeping your foot securely in place without being too tight.

Main features:

  • GuideRails to keep your ankles in place
  • Breathable mesh uppers
  • Smooth heel to toe transition
  • Best for medium to high arches

For Structure: New Balance 1540v3

The New Balance 1540 is a wonderful walking or running shoe that features two layers of sturdy and comfy foam for a structured feel. 

However, this foam is also responsive, so your feet will not feel bulky or heavy as you walk about in this pair. These shoes are breathable yet durable with good arch support. 

Plus, the durable midsoles will keep your trainers in good condition walk after walk.

Main features:

  • Double foam support
  • Motion control for extra stability
  • Durable midsole
  • Rigid upper

For Cushioning: Saucony Omni 20

In some situations, shoes for weak ankles may feel overly hard or rigid. 

However, Saucony's robust ankle support shoes don't compromise the springy comfort you want in a good pair of walking trainers. 

The Omni's wider base also gives it a roomier, more comfortable fit. The breathable top is made of Saucony FORMFIT fabric that flexes and adjusts to your unique foot.

Main features:

  • Springy cushion
  • Roomy fit
  • Personalised, flexible upper
  • Wide fit

How to Protect Your Ankles

To protect your ankles and relieve any pain, you should:

  • Ditch the Heels: when you walk in heels, you're more likely to roll your ankle since the narrow heel and form of the shoe reduce your stability
  • Not Wear Flats: most people who suffer from ankle arthritis have a form of pronation, or inward rolling of the foot and ankle toward the arch, which causes discomfort. Unfortunately, flip flops and sandals are terrible for your feet because they offer no arch support and have nothing to resist the unpleasant rolling when you have pronation. So avoid flip flops and sandals, and opt for a shoe with an enclosed lace-up construction with a heel height of no more than 1.5 inches
  • Wear Orthotics: Shoe insoles and insertions will give you the cushioning and shock absorption you need while also preventing your ankles from rolling to avoid ankle issues. Adding heel inserts, for example, to your shoes can help relieve stress on your lateral 


The Bottom Line

Bad ankles are not uncommon, but a good pair of shoes will help you to walk and run with confidence and comfort. 

When it comes to finding good supportive shoes to protect your ankles, there are 3 main considerations:

  • Cushioning: good arch support with a cushioned insole and a shock-absorbing midsole
  • Heel and Ankle Support: a padded and tight collar to protect your ankles, or a longer ankle-length style
  • Fit:  a well-cushioned, secure fit that will keep your ankle steady

For more information, contact us today.

In the meantime, take a look at our comfortable shoes here.

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