Dealing with Discomfort of Corns and Calluses

Dealing with Discomfort of Corns and Calluses

Dec 15 , 2020

Erandika Mohanathasan

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Corns are lumps, and Calluses are rough and thick skin patches which usually emerge on hands and feet.

They are caused by pressure or friction due to skin rubbing, usually when

Corns and Calluses are delicate issues that could cause considerable pain

Corns are usually formed on the top side of your feet and Calluses are formed in the soles of the feet (under the heels mainly) or palm and knees. On the other hand, Calluses are generally larger and more sensitive than Corns.

If Corns or Callus does not heal within 3 weeks, consult a foot specialist or a GP, as these issues may lead to an infection.

In addition, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, blood circulation diseases, heart disease and get Corns and Calluses, do not try to treat them yourself, always consult your GP. 

Here, there are conditions that are more likely to lead you to Corns and Calluses. For instance, having a bunion, bone spur, hammer toe, other foot irregularities and not wearing gloves while using tools.

Podiatrists (a foot specialist) usually treat these by cutting them, providing patches to soften the rough skin, and providing soft insoles to ease the pain.

As a potential solutions, do the following:

When You Get Corns And Calluses

  1. Wear thick socks (cushioned), 
  2. Wear comfortable footwear, shoes with low heels and soft insoles with less friction.
  3. Soak the area with Corns and Callus in warm water & apply moisturiser. Further, use (Pedicure or manicure) tools (such as pumice stone or foot file) to remove rough skin and dead skin, moisturise your skin well and maintain hygiene. 
  4. Avoid walking long distances or standing for a longer period of time, 
  5. Do not wear high heels or tight and pointy shoes. And, wear shoes to protect your feet, i.e. do not move barefoot.

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