Giving the Best to Your Feet: National Feet Week

Giving the Best to Your Feet: National Feet Week

Mar 02 , 2022


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Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body.

They support you when you walk, they help you balance, and they make it possible for you to do all sorts of activities. 

And that's why it's so important to take care of them! 

In this blog, you’ll find 9 tips for keeping your feet happy and healthy and therefore avoid common foot problems such as blisters or Athlete’s Foot.

Tip 1: Wear the Right Shoes

It's important to wear shoes that fit properly and are made from materials that allow your feet to breathe. 

In other words, avoid wearing tight shoes or shoes that are made from materials like vinyl or plastic. 

Also, be sure to replace your old shoes with new ones every few months, especially if you're starting to notice signs of wear and tear.

Tip 2: Don't Go Barefoot

When you're not wearing shoes, it's best to avoid going barefoot. 

The reason being is our feet can pick up all sorts of germs and bacteria when we walk around barefoot. 

And unfortunately, these germs can cause infections and other foot problems. 

So, make sure you always have a pair of socks or slippers with you to put on when you're not wearing shoes.

Tip 3: Exfoliate Your Feet Regularly

One of the best ways to keep your feet healthy is to exfoliate them regularly. 

As such, you should scrub your feet with a foot scrubber or a pumice stone in order to remove dead skin cells. 

By doing so, this will help keep your feet looking healthy, fresh and free from blemishes.

Tip 4: Moisturise Your Feet Daily

Another way to keep your feet healthy is to moisturise them daily. 

And this can be done by using a foot cream or lotion after you've exfoliated your feet. 

Keep in mind, the cream or lotion should be made for use on the feet, and be sure to apply it evenly to the entire foot.

Tip 5: Take a Bath or Foot Soak

A great way to relax your feet and keep them healthy is to take a bath or foot soak

Simply, this can be done by adding some Epsom salts, baking soda, or tea tree oil to your bathtub water. 

Or, you can simply pour a bucket of warm water over your feet and let them soak for a while.

Either way, the warm water will help soften your skin and make it easier to exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells.

Tip 6: Cut Your Nails Properly

Just like your fingernails, it's important to trim your toenails properly, and one of the most common causes of foot problems is improper nail care. 

That said, make sure you cut your nails straight across and not too short. 

Also, be sure to use a good quality nail clipper and file, and make sure you're careful not to cut into the skin around the toenail.

And if you have difficulty cutting your toenails yourself, ask someone else to do it for you.

Tip 7: Wear Socks When Exercising

If you're going to be exercising, make sure you wear socks! 

This is because when we exercise, our feet sweat and the sweat can cause blisters and other foot problems. 

As such, make sure your socks are made from a breathable, moisture-wicking material and that they fit properly.

Tip 8: Don't Walk Barefoot in Public Areas

As we mentioned earlier, it's best to avoid walking barefoot because there are all sorts of germs and bacteria lurking on the ground.

But more so in public areas, and our feet are susceptible to picking them up. 

However, if you do need to walk barefoot, for instance if you’re at a leisure centre, make sure you wash your feet thoroughly when you get home.

Tip 9: See a Podiatrist if You Have Foot Problems

If you're having trouble with your feet, it's best to see a podiatrist for help. 

A podiatrist can diagnose and treat a wide variety of foot problems, and they may be able to prescribe medication or recommend other treatments.

Wrapping Up

Keep your feet healthy by following these tips above. 

By exfoliating, moisturising, and trimming your nails properly, you can avoid common foot problems like blisters, calluses, and Athlete's Foot. 

And if you do experience any problems, make sure you see a podiatrist for help. Thanks for reading!

Do you have any questions about keeping your feet healthy? Get in touch today.

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