Colourful Laces Trend - Bringing Sense to Expression

Colourful Laces Trend - Bringing Sense to Expression

Jan 01 , 2021

Taseer Ahmad

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In an interesting turn of events, colourful laces have made a comeback as a trend.

Whether you want to add some colour to your life or simply want to be more expressive, colourful laces can do more than catch the eye of the crowd.

Saying that, the colourful lace trend has some sense to the ‘madness’.

Matching Laces with Suits

Gentlemen’s rules on shoes are quite simple.

You can have black, brown, or burgundy shoes with a navy blue or light grey suit. On the other hand, with a charcoal gray suit, simply avoid brown shoes. Similarly, with a brown suit, avoid black shoes. And, finally, with a black suit, you can only have black shoes.

However, with each colour of the shoe, there comes a different feel.

For instance, black shoes have a more formal feeling, brown shoes are a bit more relaxed, and burgundy almost playful.

But, you can add more expression to your suit with a different coloured laces.

For instance, I have opted for blue laces in my brown shoes. And, given that I usually wear only a navy blue or light grey suit, I can wear these shoes everytime. For a little more structured playfulness, I match my tie with the laces.

At this point, if you are feeling more flashy, here is an extra step you can take.

Double Laces

It’s actually quite simple to make your shoes double laced.

All you need to do is make sure that the laces are of the same length and in a colour that contrasts well.

I will not suggest double laces with your suits, unless you can make sure that you don’t go overboard. For instance, don’t add another colour to your black shoes, given that this colour is reserved for black tie events and funerals. (I am struggling to think of the right combination of laces for a suit - maybe with a double coloured tie but that doesn’t give me the right vibe either).

However, double laces in different colours should work with your comfort, walking shoes.

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