How To Style Men’s Wedding Shoes

How To Style Men’s Wedding Shoes

Jun 30 , 2021


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Many stylists believe the secret to a perfect wedding outfit is to plan it from the shoes first then work your way up - you wouldn’t think it right?

But, the choice of footwear for your wedding day can make or break even the fanciest suit which is why choosing the right wedding shoes is so important.

Not only do you want a pair that looks great but they need to match your outfit as well as be comfortable enough to wear them all day long.

And, if you’re not the groom and simply just attending, choosing the right pair of high-quality shoes is still important for a wedding.

Furthermore, choosing the right pair now means they can be worn over and over, ensuring you get the most out of them.

With such a wide variety available now, it can become quite confusing which pair to pick so it’s important to do your research.

After all, your wedding photos will be around for a lifetime so you’ll want to look and feel your best!

Let’s look into how to style men’s wedding shoes in more detail.

Types of Shoes

Ultimately, the type of wedding shoes you go for will depend on your personal style, the wedding venue and your overall outfit. Here are a few options:

Oxford Shoes

The most popular type of shoes for formal occasions are Oxford shoes; a classic and timeless look for your wedding day - and they look great with any suit!

If you aren’t quite sure what Oxford shoes are, they can be identified by their closed lacing feature and the eyelets are stitched on top of the shoe.

For maximum versatility opt for a black leather pair as they’re simple, elegant yet stylish; in particular, patent leather offers more sophistication.

But, if you’re wearing a grey or navy suit on your wedding day, brown leather Oxfords are the perfect option for a more striking look.

Derby Shoes

If you’re planning a countryside wedding or have a more relaxed venue, then Derby shoes will be the style for you.

Similar to Oxfords, Derby shoes are a popular choice for men on their wedding day, but instead feature an open laced design which offers a smart but less formal feel.

In addition, they offer more comfort which means you can go the whole day without feeling any pain - of course, give these a test run before your big day to make sure they fit correctly and you have the right socks to wear!


For weddings with a more casual dress code and theme, loafers are the perfect style for you.

Getting married on the beach? Nothing dresses up a pair of chinos or a linen suit like a good quality pair of loafers. 

Typically, loafers are made from softer materials and are less structured, making them the most comfortable choice - plus they’re a great way to transition into party mode when it comes to the evening.

Colour of Shoes

We mentioned briefly earlier that black is the most versatile and brown looks good with a grey or navy suit.

Of course, there are no laws against the colour of your wedding day shoes, and because it’s your big day you should wear whatever you like.

However, there are a few unspoken rules when it comes to the basic principles of formal wear to ensure your outfit is on point!

Here are a few colour options:

    • Black or Grey Suit: never wear brown or tan shoes with a black or dark grey suit - stick with a classic black leather, especially if you’re wearing a three piece.
      If you’re wearing a lighter grey, when shades of brown or maroon work well.
  • Blue Suit: Blue suits always look good with brown shoes in any shade. Generally speaking, with navy suits, darker brown shoes work better and tan or light brown shoes look good with paler blue suits. In addition, browns with a reddish hue, like burgundy, also look great with blue suits.
  • Green Suit: Not the most obvious choice of colour to wear on your wedding day but if you are wearing a green suit, then without a doubt go for brown shoes; these could even be two-tone but never black.
  • A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is, your shoes should be darker than your suit but if your wedding is going to have a more relaxed vibe, then flip this on its head to create impact and extra focus on your outfit.

    The Takeaway

    Whilst there are some basic rules when it comes to the shoes to wear on your wedding day, it all depends on your overall theme and style.

    Today, weddings do not always take place in a traditional venue, which means you’re not restricted to simply wearing a black patent leather Oxfords (although these are timeless!), so consider this before you buy the right pair for your big day.

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