Court Shoes: A Complete Overview

Court Shoes: A Complete Overview

Aug 10 , 2021


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Before we know it, summer will come to an end and autumn and winter styles will quickly be hitting all the shelves.

From practical ankle boots to sexy stilettos, there are so many styles of shoes to choose from that we’re spoilt for choice.

However, if you’re looking for a stunning all-rounder that is versatile to wear with almost anything, court shoes may be the perfect option for you.

Not only are they super comfortable, but they’re timeless and incredibly stylish, and arguably, the most enduring style of shoes in women’s fashion today.

Let’s take a closer look at the classic court shoe.

Where Did Court Shoes Come From?

Did you know, the court shoe originates from the medieval times in England, France, Spain and Italy?

Traditionally, these shoes were designed exclusively for the wealthy upper class societies who had important public roles, like politicians and rulers.

In fact, these shoes were so highly regarded that King Louis XIV demanded that no one would be allowed to enter his court if they were wearing red court shoes. Because, this colour was linked to lower classes and red court shoes would be seen as disrespectful.

What Are Court Shoes?

Court shoes today are a popular slip-on style that has been filtered into the mainstream and are popular amongst women of all ages.

Typically, court shoes have heel size starting from a kitten heel upwards; they have a small-medium heel height. And, it can vary from chunky to slim depending on the style.

As opposed to other heels, the top line of a court shoe sits low down on the foot and they have a pointed shoe toe shape.

At first, court shoes were only worn for formal business events or literally to court. However now, the wide range of styles means they can be worn for more casual occasions too.

In regards to material, black patent leather would be the most appropriate for a professional setting, satin is common for ballroom dancing shoes but they can be made from any.

Are Court Shoes Comfortable?

Court shoes are available in a wide range of heel types and heights,  from skinny stiletto to a chunky block heel.

Regardless of the heel type, court shoes will look incredible but there are a couple of things to consider.

For instance, if you struggle to walk in high heels or heels that are narrow, then a block heel would be more comfortable as they help to distribute your body’s weight more evenly; giving you better stability when you walk.

Secondly, the court shoe should sit perfectly on your foot and ankle - it shouldn’t be too loose or too tight.

Consequently, if the court shoes fit too tightly, you’ll feel pain and discomfort. Plus it could cause blisters or other serious foot issues.

On the other hand, if it’s too loose it will constantly slip off with every step which can be just as uncomfortable.

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