5 Office Appropriate Shoes for Every Working Woman

5 Office Appropriate Shoes for Every Working Woman

Jul 28 , 2021


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For women who spend most of their time in the office, having a pair of comfortable shoes is key - who has time for blisters, swollen toes and aching arches?!

At the same time, you want your work shoes to still look stylish whilst being work appropriate, but practicable to wear for commutes, meetings or after work events.

Whilst turning up in trainers may not be suitable for more corporate jobs, luckily there are a wide variety of styles available now so you’re not restricted to a traditional stiletto.

However, you should have a few different styles that can be worn with multiple outfits, whether it be a trouser suit or a classic, little black dress.

Now’s the time for you to show your strength whilst still keeping a fashionable appearance.

Here are 5 styles of shoes for women that look great at the office.

1. Ballet Flats

A lot of women love a good pair of ballet flats.

And for good reason too - they’re extremely versatile, comfortable and most of all, stylish.

So a quality pair of ballet flats are a must for every woman’s wardrobe.

Typically, this style is rounded at the toe and has a thin sole, as well as being lightweight and flexible which means you can walk around as freely as you like without having to worry about feeling any pain.

For the office, it’s better to stick away from crazy prints or embellishments and in terms of colour, neutrals like black or nude work particularly well.

In fact, ballet flats with an ankle strap are great when paired with a smart dress or above-the-knee skirt.

2. Loafers 

If you don’t like ballet flats but most definitely do not enjoy wearing heels, a pair of loafers are a timeless option that will carry you through any season.

With a range of colours, styles, heel heights and materials, loafers are the perfect pair of shoes for women who are after a pair that offer comfort, style and convenience.

Let’s say you wear cropped trousers with a button up shirt or tshirt to the office, a pair of penny loafers will give off a classic and elegant statement.

However, you can even wear loafers with dresses too - a blair pair with a blocked heel paired with a mid-length dress is an easy workwear option, giving off an effortless vibe with a stylish twist.

3. Brogues

Keeping with the theme of flat work shoes, brogues are another great style and don’t worry, they’re not just for men!

As opposed to ballet flats or loafers, brogues are the more formal out of the 3 and are considered as a suitable form of footwear for the office and other formal events.

Plus, they’re a popular style statement that replaces traditional heels that women used to wear.

In addition, brogues are extremely comfortable and can be worn with a wide range of trousers and suit combinations without ever falling off style.

4. Court Heels

Court heels are identified by their pointed toe shape and have a small to medium heel height, which can be chunky or slim depending on the style.

In regards to the office, we advise not going too high on the heel and even opt for an ankle strap as this will generally provide better support for your arch and therefore feel more comfortable throughout the day.

In terms of material, leather would be the most appropriate as they will mould into the shape of your foot overtime, plus it’s the most durable material which means they will last for longer.

When it comes to colour, simply choose black, white, navy or nude as these are the easiest to wear with any formal outfit.

5. Ankle Boots

If you style ankle boots properly, they can give off a smart and professional look.

In particular, dressier ankle boots, which are defined by their pointed toe and stiletto heel look great with tailored outfits, such as a smart jumpsuit, wide leg trousers or pencil skirts.

In fact, if the office culture is more relaxed and you have a smart/casual dress code, ankle boots win every time and patent leather rather than suede will always look extra special.

The Takeaway

Finding the right shoes for work can be a little tricky as they need to be appropriate for the office, but you still want them to be as comfortable as possible and look chic all at the same time.

All in all, you should aim to find shoes that fit your personal style and compliment your individual needs.

The above 5 styles are extremely versatile and not only look for work, they will look great for other formal events away from the office too.

Please get in touch for more information.

Check our full range of Work Shoes for Women in the meantime.

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