3 Medical Problems Caused by Tight Shoes

3 Medical Problems Caused by Tight Shoes

Dec 28 , 2020

Erandika Mohanathasan

Tags - Problems Caused by Tight Shoes

When going for pure style rather than practicality, people end up buying shoes that are too tight.

Now, shoes that are too tight aren’t just a source of discomfort, but can also cause serious health problems.

Here are 3 health issues that can be caused directly by overly tight shoes.

1. Pain

Sadly, pain is not the first medical problem that is caused by tight shoes, but just the first thing people notice.

This is especially true for shoe designs that narrow down too much at the front, causing the forefoot to generate considerable pain.

Therefore, make sure that you have some wiggle room at the front, not just for your fingers but your whole forefoot too.

2. Deformation

Human body is quite adaptable. However, this human ability to physically adapt is not always a positive thing.

For instance, if you keep ramming your foot into a specific position, your foot will end up deforming to fit the new position.

Let’s look at just one part of your foot - your big toes.

Your big toe can start to turn inward if it doesn’t have enough space to remain in a straight position. Or worse, your toe can start turning upwards with those upward swirling designs. The fact of the matter is, a twisted inward toe generally leads to painful swelling, and, worse, a raised toe can start to weaken your whole muscle.

Therefore, once again, it is important to have enough space for your whole foot and, equally importantly, wear designs that are flat.

3. Soreness

A tight shoe isn’t just a ‘medical problem to happen’ for your feet, but the issues can spread to other parts of your body too.

More often than not, you may start to feel soreness and hence, pain, in your legs, hips, or even lower back

This is because your whole posture needs to adjust to what shoes you are wearing. You can clearly see this with wearing heels or any forms of elevated shoes, throwing your whole alignment out of the window.

Such posture issues, stemming from wearing the wrong shoes, are the core source of that soreness across your body.

Therefore, it is important that, if you want to go for fashion, you at least leave enough space for your foot to not create any added issues.

Concluding Remarks

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