5 Ways To Stay Active Whilst Resting A Foot Injury

5 Ways To Stay Active Whilst Resting A Foot Injury

Apr 13 , 2021


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When sustaining an injury to your foot, it can be quite tough to stay active whilst you’re in recovery.

Despite not being able to run or take part in your favourite sport, there are still ways in which you can stay fit and healthy.

Here are five ways how you can stay active whilst resting a foot injury.

1. Stretching

Quite rightly, your body will not be doing as much stretching as normal.

However, it’s important to keep yourself limber and accelerate your stretching.

Remember, to focus on your whole body, such as your arms, back and neck as well as your legs.

Doing so, will avoid additional pain or muscle stiffness.

2. Alternative Workouts

Even though your foot is injured, you can still partake in many other exercises.

Most often, your doctor or physiotherapist would have given you recovery exercises to do.

So, do these first as directed.

Then, once your confidence has built, you can begin to work on other areas of your body.

For instance, hand weights can keep your arms strong, sit up’s to benefit your torso or even one legged cycling on the machine (or both once your foot grows stronger).

3. Swimming

If your doctor allows, swimming is a good option to stay active with a foot injury.

Because, the water will give you support and take the pressure off from your bad foot.

Furthermore, swimming is great for those who are wearing a cast.

3. Go Outdoors

Resting does not mean staying indoors.

Unless you’ve been told otherwise.

So, refresh yourself with a change of scenery and head outdoors.

For example, take a chair and sit in the sun or with the help of a friend or family member, carefully make your way to the park or an uncroweded restaurant.

4. Keep Your Mind Active

So, you’ve injured your foot and you’re probably sitting bored at home because you can’t carry out your usual activities.

Stop. Right. There!

Importantly, you need to keep your mind active and find new ways to keep yourself entertained.

With this in mind, invite friends and family over for games night or use this time to read your favourite book you weren't able to before.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s important to try and stay active even when recovering from a foot injury.

Regardless of whether it's for your mind or physical health.

Doing so, will allow you ro remain positive throughout your recovery and maybe even speed things up!

To find out more, get in touch today.

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