What Do Shoes Say About a Woman?

What Do Shoes Say About a Woman?

Sep 13 , 2021


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Did you know your shoes can reveal a lot about your personality?

OK so we always hear the phrase, “never judge a book by its cover”, but believe me, people will size you up just by looking at what’s on your feet.

Some research suggests that shoes reflect the owner’s personality traits and if you look carefully, it can tell you some useful information about the wearer.

To put it differently, shoes can reveal whether you have a laid-back, relaxed and casual approach to life or if you’re more confident or outgoing.

For example, women who are not fussed about what other people have to say and prioritise their own comfort will happily wear a pair of ballet flats or trainers whenever and wherever they can. 

On the other hand, a woman who’s career driven could be more likely to wear a stylish pair of heels, in particular stilettos.

Here are 7 different types of shoes and what they say about women… 

1. Ballet Flats

Choosing ballet flats suggest you’re a calm, kind and grounded woman.

For you, it’s all about comfort but still being girly; stylish but basic. You like a bit of fantasy but stay in touch with reality.

Moreover, ballet flats suggest you’re a modest, focused and intelligent woman, as they’re a classic and timeless, simple yet elegant shoe that works with almost any outfit.

2. Flat Sandals

Flat sandals tell people you’re an outdoorsy kind of woman who likes to be active and stay on your feet.

In fact, they’re the mark of a woman who is not about nonsense, is grounded and casual all at the same time.

For you, it’s all about nurturing the basics and focusing on comfort and practicality.

3. Espadrilles

Espadrilles are worn by those who are definitely style-conscious but still want to remain super casual - you want that effortless vibe.

And because these shoes are usually made from canvas or cotton, it belongs to the conscientious type who can keep up with its high maintenance.

Girls, if you like wearing these you’re probably someone who wants to give holiday, glam diva vibes with a chilled out undertone.

4. Wedges

Wedges give you height without the pain of high heels. 

They’re nice and sturdy, which suggests you’re a strong-headed woman and not a conformist.

Moreover, wedges give off a retro vibe and suggest a playful nature in you whilst maintaining a statement: you don’t mess around or bother with unnecessary fanciness. 

Not only do these shoes suggest you’re all about comfort, wedges come to your rescue when flats are not enough but heels are too much.

5. High Heels

If you’re the kind of woman who wears heels everyday, even away from a professional environment, this says you’re all about feminine charm.

Of course there are loads of different styles of heels, but from stilettos to kitten heels, you’re all about elegance and modernity. You’re confident, happy to take risks, glamorous and not socially awkward in any situation.

6. Non-branded Trainers

If you’re a girl who loves to wear trainers everywhere, you’re not someone who really gives too much attention to fashion or style.

In other words, you’re not too bothered about trends because comfort and affordability means more; brands don't define us right?

In terms of work life, you’re organised, goal-oriented and you work hard - trainers help you move around quickly and get the job done.

7. Limited Edition Trainers

Are you quick to get your hand on a pair of limited edition, designer trainers?

Well then you’re probably the type of lady who likes to make a statement. Not only are you on top of the latest trends, but you’re happy to splash the cash when it comes to something you care about.

Also, limited edition trainers show off your versatility as a person and shows you’re happy to experience and stand out from the crowd. 

Lastly, these shoes show you’re energetic, ageless and ambitious about making your dreams a reality.

Finishing Thoughts

Not sure about this? Well, research backs it: a study showed 90% of people are able to judge a woman’s character, such as emotional stability, just by looking at their shoe choice!

So the next time you get ready, consider your shoe choice carefully and think how you want to be perceived.

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