Brogues for Men: A Complete Style Guide

Brogues for Men: A Complete Style Guide

Sep 01 , 2021


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A good pair of stylish shoes are important for every man’s wardrobe and brogues are the ultimate fashion staple.

Originally, the brogue was designed as an Irish working shoe but over the years, they’re a versatile shoe that can easily transition from day to night, from the office to the bar and come in a variation of designs to pair with any great outfit.

But, with there being a wide variety of brogue designs, it can be a little confusing to decide how to wear them to different social and formal events.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help, here is our complete style guide for wearing men’s brogues.

Brogue Styles

As briefly mentioned earlier, brogues are available in a wide range of styles.

Some of these include:

  • Full/Wingtip: this is the style with the most amount of broguing. Every seam, including the classic “M” shape is brogued and always has a punched toe medallion.
  • Semi Brogue: similar to the full brogue, the semi brogue too has all of its seams brogued. However the main difference is, the semi brogue has a straight toe cap rather than the “M” design.
  • Longwing: these brogues feature a wingtip that continues right to the back of the shoe rather than coming down towards the shoe. Plus, they don’t have any toe cap patterning and are a classic American style.
  • Quarter Brogue: these brogues will only have the toe cap seam patterned and is perceived as a formal shoe, making it a favourite amongst London bankers.
  • Spectator Brogue: these are the two tone shoe that typically has a wingtip with the toe, heel and lacing part in a darker colour and the rest of the shoe in a contrasting tone.

How To Wear Brogues

For a long time, the brogue was accepted as the formal shoe option but in recent years, they have evolved to be worn in more smart casual settings.

Traditionally, the classic brogue was available in brown leather but now there are other materials available, including patent leather and suede.

Here’s how the classic brogue can be worn with different outfits. 

Brogues with Jeans

Brogues can sometimes look a little odd with jeans because of their detailed design.

However, this should not put you off because when worn correctly, brogues with jeans are an effortless way to look both stylish and smart.

For this vibe, always remember to keep things simple - a pair of dark skinny or slim jeans, with a fitted tshirt, shirt or roll neck sweater and a brogues will have everyone’s head turning!

Brogues with a Suit

For formal settings where you need to wear a suit, try to match your brogues to the shades you’re wearing. Such as, black or dark brown brogues will best compliment black or grey ensembles whereas tan coloured brogues will look best with lighter suits.

In terms of the type of brogue, minimal styles like the semi or quarter brogue works best and should be your first choice.

Brogues with Chinos

Brogues look great with a pair of chinos and are the perfect smart casual look. Brogues with chinos look elegant yet relaxed.

To achieve this look, it’s always a good idea to stick with classic colours. For instance, a stone coloured pair of chinos styled with tan coloured brogues will win every time.

Finally, finish off with a simple shirt - either roll up your sleeves or add a loose fitted blazer.

Concluding Thoughts

As brogues have come a long way from their traditional style, there isn’t a lot you can do wrong.

However, there are still a couple of things to consider. For instance, you shouldn’t wear brogues with baggy trousers - it will just look weird!

Plus, you should always consider colours because no one wants to clash. For example, tan or brown coloured brogues should be worn with navy suits, whereas a black pair is a classic vibe with a black three-piece suit.

Lastly, in terms of material, suede brogues will offer a much more casual vibe as opposed to leather options which look great in formal settings.

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