8 Ways to Reduce Warm Weather Feet Swelling

8 Ways to Reduce Warm Weather Feet Swelling

Jan 10 , 2021

Erandika Mohanathasan

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During warm weather, the feet sometimes swell to cope with heat.

Generally, this is nothing to worry about, as this is your body’s reaction as a cooling mechanism.

However, feet swelling can also be heightened by age, irregular blood flow, diet, less movement and pregnancy. Therefore, adding unneeded discomfort.

To give you some context, when it's hot, the veins swell and find it hard to pump blood to the heart.

As a result, this condition can result in swelling.

To counter, it is important to cool down the body to improve circulation and reduce swelling.

Ways to Reduce Feet Swelling:

1. Raise (Elevate) Your Feet

By elevating your feet, you reverse the gravity effect which would help in improving the blood circulation.

More specifically, it is advised to raise it above your heart.

2. Avoid Heat

Do not stay directly under the sunlight where the heat would increase.

So, try to find a shaded area or be in an air conditioned room. 

In addition, avoid having a hot shower and wash your legs often with cold water to boost blood circulation

Or simply, wrap your feet with a damp towel and cool the foot.

3. Stay Active

Being active and doing exercise could boost the blood circulation and reduce the swelling.

In addition, it is best to exercise in the morning or evening to avoid the hot time of the day. 

In particular, swimming has been advised as the best exercise for swollen feet.

4. Hydrate

Keep hydrated.

To begin, dilute & control the salt level in the blood as it would also help to bring down the body heat. 

For instance, adding cucumber and lemon would refresh your drink and the anti-inflammatory characters in it would help to reduce the swelling.

5. Work on Your Diet

Having too much salt in your food is one of the causes of having swollen feet so control salt in your diet. 

Avoid processed foods. Consume more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

6. Wear Compression socks

Wearing compression sock and support tights would reduce the swelling in veins and help in blood flow which would reduce the feet swelling.

7. Don’t Remain Stationary

Avoid standing or sitting for too long as it would affect the blood flow and cause swelling.

For instance, if you work while sitting, take regular breaks and move around a bit.

8. Massage

Massaging helps in boosting blood flow to reduce swelling.

Concluding Remarks

Swelling is usually temporary and goes away after resting and following the methods mentioned above.

However, if it does not heal even after following the above methods, consult your doctor.

To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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