Understanding Ankle Sprains: A Short Guide

Understanding Ankle Sprains: A Short Guide

Dec 31 , 2020

Erandika Mohanathasan

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Picture this: you are walking down an uneven path and your ankle makes an unnatural movement.

This can be anything from a roll or a twist to a complete turn or a painful stretching of your ligaments.

In medical terms, you have just sprained your ankle.

The result: your ankle is no longer where it should be.

However, in some cases, the result is not as severe. But, you will have some other symptoms.

Symptoms of Sprained Ankle

The simplest symptoms of ankle sprains is pain, tenderness, swelling, and / or bruising of your ankle.

In more extreme cases, you may even feel unstable or hear a sound every time you move your ankle.

But, why does this happen in the first place.

Causes of Ankle Sprains

Under more natural conditions, you can sprain your ankle with a simple, awkward fall.

However, there are other circumstances, where you are a bit more responsible for your ankle’s sprain. For instance, exercising on an uneven surface can end up putting your ankle in an awkward position, leading to a sprained ankle.

In addition, given that you are on a shoe company’s blog, you can also sprain your ankle by wearing shoes that do not fit well.

Under such conditions, your foot is simply not in a natural position when moving, and as a result, you have a higher chance of causing damage to yourself, where ankle sprains are no exception.

Also, if you are wearing the wrong shoes for an activity, e.g. running in office shoes, the same conditions apply.

Such shoes are just not meant to be used in that way, and are hence not designed for such activities, causing you to sprain your ankle.

So, what can you do to prevent such issues?

Preventing Ankle Sprains

To begin, if you work on your muscle strength, general stability, and flexibility, you can minimise the chances of getting an ankle sprain.

We will also add that: don’t participate in activities that you are not well adept at. (We will let you think about that).

And, as always, make sure that you wear high quality shoes that fit you well.

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