A Brief Overview of Boat Shoes for Men

A Brief Overview of Boat Shoes for Men

Aug 05 , 2021


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Boat shoes are a popular style for men because they can be worn with almost anything and add a layer of class to any outfit.

Especially in the summer, which is when this style tends to be worn.

Typically, boat shoes are made from canvas or leather uppers, have a rubber sole and finished with a stitching pattern.

In addition, boat shoes are identified by their lacing system which goes around the sides and wraps around the heel of the shoe too; these laces are usually leather because of its waterproofing properties.

Because sailing requires a lot of moving around, this lacing system ensures the heel doesn’t slip out of the shoe.

Boat shoes are a very old style and first made their debut in 1935, by Paul Sperry - a yachting enthusiast who noticed a gap in the market for a dedicated boat shoe.

And this style was designed to prevent injuries, such as falling over on a slippery deck.

Fast forward a few decades, and boat shoes became a fashion staple in the 70s and were worn by many men across the globe; it didn’t take men outside of the boating world to recognise the perks of these shoes.

When to Wear Boat Shoes

Today, boat shoes are worn by boaters and non-boaters alike, both because of their functionality and aesthetics.

And boat shoes are incredibly versatile and are the perfect style for smart casual attire or spring and summer events.

Because they’re designed to keep your feet cool, they’re great to wear in the warmer months.

So the next time you visit the beach, a friend's BBQ or even a garden party - these should be your go-to!

Plus they can even be worn in the office if your dress code is smart casual then boat shoes are a great touch to workwear without looking too corporate.

Moreover, boat shoes are extremely comfortable once they’ve been broken into and are ideal to wear whilst you're travelling; those long treks with your luggage to the final destination will soon feel like an easy stoll when wearing these shoes.

When NOT to Wear Boat Shoes

Now you know when to wear boat shoes, there are a couple of instances when you shouldn’t.

Firstly, don’t wear boat shoes in the winter - they’ll only look out of place and no one wants to make any fashion faux pas!

Secondly, boat shoes are not meant for black tie events and therefore should not be worn to corporate work do’s or traditional weddings; keep them for laid-back events instead.

How to Wear Boat Shoes

OK, so boat shoes should be worn in the summer and for casual occasions - but what about outfits?

Well, boat shoes always look great with denim jeans - especially if the hems are cuffed.

If it’s too hot to wear jeans, chinos or colorful trousers paired with boat shoes make for a great combo; note, if your shoes and colour of trousers contrast then you’re on to a winner look!

As we mentioned, boat shoes are the ultimate summer shoe which means they look exceptional with a pair of smart shorts.

Regardless of what you wear boat shoes with though, never wear them with visible socks as it will ruin the whole look and you’ll come across with no sense of style whatsoever.

If you must wear socks, then choose the invisible style where they won’t be seen coming out of your shoes.

Like we said before, don’t wear boat shoes to black tie events and so, these are not the shoes to be wearing with suits.

Rather, for a smart casual look, try a pair of slim fitted, dark denim pairs with a t-shirt and a blazer.

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