5 Popular Foot Reflexology Myths Busted!

5 Popular Foot Reflexology Myths Busted!

Oct 25 , 2021


5 Popular Foot Reflexology Myths Busted!

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Even though reflexology is a centuries-old practice, it has its fair share of skepticisms.

For a lot of people, this treatment has helped them beyond just a skin level as it helps them find relief from physical conditions.

However, those who are skeptical believe reflexology is nothing more than a placebo, with the guise of curing diseases.

With all things said and done, reflexology is an alternative medicine practice, with a range of benefits including better blood circulation, reduced tension and a balanced internal energy glow.

Here are 5 popular reflexology myths and why they are simply not true.

Myth 1: Reflexology hurts

Reflexology should not hurt.

Rather, the pressure applied on the foot should be at an acceptable level where it feels firm enough without being sore.

However, if an area is out of balance, this may feel a little sore - more tender rather than painful.

If at any time during your treatment you feel uncomfortable or it hurts, you must let the therapist know so they can adjust the pressure accordingly; never suffer in silence.

Generally, throughout the session you will be asked if the pressure is OK for you. But if they think that you are relaxed and comfortable (or asleep!), they won’t keep asking you.

Myth 2: Reflexology tickles

A lot of people think they can’t have reflexology because their feet are too sensitive and ticklish.

But the truth is, reflexology does not tickle so there’s nothing to worry about,

And that’s because the techniques used involve firm pressure, which is definitely not ticklish!

If you’re still unsure, you could always book a taster consultation to see what it would feel like before committing to a full session.

Your therapist will work with you and should they come across an area of the feet that is too giggly to treat, they can adjust the pressure and move on to a different part of the foot.

Myth 3: Reflexology is just a massage

Reflexology is much more than just a foot massage, even though it incorporates certain techniques used in massages which is why you feel relaxed during the treatment.

Unlike traditional massages, reflexology works by applying direct pressure at certain points of the feet to relieve pain, promote circulation and restore the balance of energy flowing through the body.

In fact, there is a strong belief that reflexology can treat different problems in certain organ systems, so it’s much more than just a massage.

Myth 4: Reflexology can diagnoses illnesses 

Whilst reflexology can highlight areas that seem out of balance, it cannot diagnose anything. Only doctors can make a true diagnosis.

However, your therapist may encourage you to visit your GP if you are feeling unwell.

At the end of your treatment, your therapist may ask you if you are experiencing any concerns in a specific area, but this should not be used as an alternative to seek medical advice.

The reason being, reflexology is a holistic therapy that treats the person, not a condition directly, as there can be many interconnected factors that result in that issue.

Simply, reflexology works to stimulate the body’s own healing processes and there promotes natural recovery.

Myth 5: Reflexology is not suitable for young children 

This is simply just not true.

In fact, even newborn babies can benefit from foot reflexology, as they are constantly bagged by issues of colic, which can immediately be relieved through this treatment.

In addition, parents love it because during times when their children are teething, reflexology helps to calm them down and decrease their fever.

With this in mind, reflexology is perfect for everyone, no matter what their age.

Don’t worry, the therapist will not apply the same amount of pressure as they would in an adult. They’ll only exert what the patient (the baby) can take and never exceed beyond that.

Concluding Thoughts

These myths are simply that - myths!

There’s a reason why reflexology has been practiced for centuries. The theory behind it is that there are areas of the foot that correspond to different organs and systems in the body, and when pressure is applied, it brings relaxation and healing elements.

All in all, reflexology can help bring your body back to its natural state and is suitable for everyone of all ages.

Please get in touch to find out more.

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