Spring 2022 Shoe Trends You Need to Know About Now!

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends You Need to Know About Now!

Mar 16 , 2022


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It’s time to put your sheepskin boots away and welcome in the spring/summer 2022 collections.

Whilst these may have debuted last year, the biggest trends are only now making a statement, so it’s prime time to start shopping for your new wardrobe. 

Designers seem to be in agreement that vivid, vibrant colours are one of the most prominent trends for spring. 

And that includes everything from head-to-toe outfits to accessories, but I believe the simplest approach to incorporate bright tones into your wardrobe is with a pair of shoes.

Whatever your preference, bright colours and luxurious details steal the limelight this year, with a hopeful summons to get up, put on a pair of shoes, and stride into the world with confidence.

Here's a look at some of the shoe trends we're getting ready for in spring 2022.

1. Vibrant, Bold Colours

Designers seem to have agreed on one thing: bold, vivacious colours are a major trend for spring.

A pair of shoes is the one item that may be worn with a variety of outfits and complement a wide range of colours. 

From haircuts to accessories, everything is covered, but I believe that wearing bright colours with a pair of shoes is the most straightforward way to do it. 

Versace shouted loud with their slime green, Gucci made the case for canary yellow and Prada geared heavily towards orange—arguably the colour of the season.  

Whether you're a fan of orange or not, you can't go wrong with the rainbow of colours now available; the fun has arrived!

2. Platforms

Another spring/summer 2022 shoe trend that demands all of your attention is the platforms.

Platforms are a party shoe design that's meant to be worn with a fantastic mini dress on a fun night out. 

However now, the market is flooded with a variety of designs and silhouettes that appeal to a wide range of comfort levels. 

Versace and Valentino have sky-high models, while Gucci has a low pair inspired by 1990s throwback designs. 

Right now, platforms are selling out everywhere, which is a sure sign that they will be a hot trend for spring this year!

3. Chunky Sole Sandals

Our love for comfy sandals is not going anywhere and big-sole sandals are a more low-key version of the party heels. 

With cushy, super-thick soles, these sandals are cosy but intended to be seen out of the house and offer a more "everyday wear" style than the platform. 

Many styles on the market share the futuristic shape and materials of Yeezy's internet-famous slides, but they've also been spotted on the runways of Chloe and Stella McCartney

Now that spring is here, athletic sandals are once again stealing the show and who are we to argue when this shoe style is both fashionable and practical. Shoes that elevate your outfit no matter what you're wearing them with. 

So whether you're pairing them with leggings or a miniskirt, there's no doubt these will take your outfit to the next level.

4. Lace Ups and Gladiators

From The Attico to Valentino, it's time to lace it up! 

For spring 2022, ankle-wrap styles with lacing that ranges from ties just at the ankles to versions that go higher up the leg are all the rage and part of the larger escapist trend that is taking over.

And yes, that's right: Gladiator sandals are making a comeback! 

Gladiator sandals are not always considered a major fashion trend throughout the summer season, even though they never go out of style. 

But now this shoe trend has strutted straight back onto the catwalk and possibly into your wardrobe too. 

From statement knee-high versions to more easily translatable ankle strap designs, the biggest stand-out versions were seen at the likes of Alberta Ferretti, Paco Rabanne, Dior and Chloé.

One thing’s for sure, these shoes are perfect for a holiday - so you'll definitely want to make room for a pair in your suitcase!

5. Ballet Pumps

On the other end of the shoe spectrum is the classic ballet pump which has made a strong comeback. 

With the early noughties being a popular trend for 2022, it's no surprise that the ballet pump has resurfaced, especially since it includes that comfortable feel of slipping into your favourite slippers—bliss!

Ballet pumps are timeless and elegant, going with everything from jeans to dresses. 

A pointed toe design will give you a flattering finish while also adding a feminine touch with embellished details and ribbon fastenings for a modern twist.

Spring is Nature's Way of Saying. 'Let's Party!

If you're ready to welcome the warm weather (and all the gorgeous fashion that comes with it), same here. 

And that's precisely why we've been on the lookout for all of the major spring shoe trends that will dominate next season. 

From gorgeous bright-coloured footwear to super cool chunky sandals, you'll definitely wish it was warm out already. (Of course you can just wear them now if you're impatient!)

Whether you're hoping to liven up your footwear collection or you just wanna shop all the must-haves flats earlier than everyone else, this is the list for you!

Please get in touch to find out more.

In the meantime, take a look at our Spring/Summer 2022 collection here.

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