6 Types of Knee High Boots and How to Style Them

6 Types of Knee High Boots and How to Style Them

Oct 08 , 2021


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As footwear trends come and go, knee high boots have stood the test of time.

And it’s very clear to see why: they’re a classic boot and have a lot to offer women.

Not only do they provide warmth during winter months, they’re incredibly chic and very versatile which means they can be worn to work, on the weekend, a night on the town and so much more.

In other words, knee high boots always look great and can be paired with a wide variety of outfits.

If you’re not too sure how to style them, you’re in the right place.

Here are 6 types of knee high boots and how to style them for a seriously killer look!

1. Black Knee High Boots

Black knee high boots are a staple shoe every woman must have because they look good with everything!

If you’re new to knee high boots, try black suede which will give you an effortless look. And when you feel more adventurous, opt for a patent leather.

In the winter, black knee high boots look great when paired with cream coloured leggings and an oversized knitted jumper. 

When worn right, you can still look well-dressed whilst being comfortable at the same time - win win!

2. Brown Knee High Boots

Brown knee high boots are typically associated with winter.

But as the weather warms up, don’t just store them away in your wardrobe and wait until it gets cold again.

In the summer, you can wear brown knee high boots with a floral dress or denim skirt, whereas in colder months, they can easily be worn with jeans and a brown winter coat.

3. Suede Knee High Boots

Suede boots are a must have in winter, especially knee high ones.

There are countless ways to style them and can cater to almost everyone’s style preference.

For instance, you can wear them with a knitted dress and tights for a casual look, but if you want a more edgy vibe, try them with a leather mini skirt.

4. Leather Knee High Boots

If leather knee high boots are your go to, consider choosing a different colour, like a sexy red as opposed to black or brown, and throw on a simple black mini dress to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t be afraid to wear leather knee high boots with a dress, you can still look feminine, stylish and well put together whilst making your own statement.

Moreover, leather is a great option to wear in the winter as it will protect your feet from outdoor elements.

5. Flat Knee High Boots

Not every woman wants to wear heels. 

And who can blame them? Quite frankly, heels are painful.

But, flat knee high boots create their own statement. For a relaxed outfit, you can wear them with jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket, or you can wear them with a mini skirt and tights for the ultimate winter look.

In fact, skirt length doesn’t even matter - the boot will still do all the talking.

Plus, you can play around with different materials and styles, ensuring you always put your best foot forward without the discomfort of wearing heels.

6. Heeled Knee High Boots

Heeled knee high boots are super sexy - there’s no doubting it!

Today, there are a lot of styles available. From different colours to embellishments, you can step away from a traditional black pair to truly express yourself.

Moreover, there are various heel heights available so you can wear what is more comfortable for you without compromising on sophistication or hurting your feet.

For a more modern look, try those with a chunkier block heel or to add that extra bit of glamour, opt for a stiletto heel.

In regards to outfits, these can be paired with your favourite skinny jeans and to give the illusion of looking taller, tuck your top in at the front.

The Takeaway

Knee high boots are not only stylish but they can be worn with different outfits in different settings.

So if you fancy wearing jeans, a mini or midi skirt, a dress or shorts - a pair of knee high boots will always work! 

And with so many options available, from different colours and materials, the choice of how to wear them is up to you. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles.

Keep in mind though, you’ll want to pay attention to how they fit. Yes they should be snug around your calves, but they should not feel too tight where they begin to feel uncomfortable.

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