5 Types of Slip On Wedding Shoes for Men

5 Types of Slip On Wedding Shoes for Men

Jul 05 , 2021


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So your big day is fast approaching but you’re still looking to find the perfect pair of shoes.

Depending on your theme of course, have you ever considered wearing slip on shoes for your wedding day?

If your wedding is going to have a more relaxed vibe, there are different types of slip on shoes that could be perfect for you.

In regards to slip ons, these are basically any pair of shoes that have no laces or buckles - you can simply slip them on!

Ultimately, the formality of these shoes will depend on the material they’re made from and how you wear them.

Let’s look closely at 5 types of slip on shoes you can wear at your wedding.

1. Loafers

Out of all the types of slip on shoes, loafers are arguably the most formal.

In particular, leather loafers - but these should not be worn with a tuxedo!

So apart from that, loafers look great for both casual and formal weddings but keep in mind the different colours and styles available.

If you’re wearing a suit on your wedding day, horsebit loafers will be best suited whereas if you have a casual summer wedding, then penny loafers would look great with chinos.

Regarding beach weddings, tassel loafers are a good option and your outfit should be cotton or linen.

As a groom, you’ll want to stand out so you could choose a more unusual colour, navy blue for example but of course, make sure they fit well with your outfit.

2.  Leather Slip Ons

As opposed to loafers, leather slip on shoes don’t have a moc or apron toe and almost look like Oxford shoes but without the laces.

If you’re wearing a less formal suit, these slip on shoes work well, as well as wearing them with chinos or suit trousers alone.

The great thing about these, you can easily slip them on your feet without worrying about fastenings but rest easy knowing you look great on your big day.

3. Moccasins 

Essentially, moccasins are loafers’ casual cousins and have become increasingly popular today.

These slip on shoes look great in the summer and because they’re slightly loose in their fitting, they help your feet stay cool in warm weather.

Moreover, this makes them the best slip on shoe option for summer weddings, especially if you’re wearing smart shorts or chinos on your big day.

4. Boat Shoes

Boat shoes, as you can imagine, look great by the pool or the beach so if that’s your wedding venue - choose these slip on shoes.

In fact, if you’re looking for slip on shoes that are lightweight and offer comfort throughout your big day, boat shoes would be the perfect fit; they’re as easy to wear as sandals yet look more sophisticated for your wedding day.

Keep in mind though, you won’t want to wear these slip on shoes if you have a winter wedding and they’re not meant for black tie affairs.

5. Espadrilles 

Espadrilles are very similar to moccasins except they’re made from canvas rather than leather and feature a rope like sole rather than rubber.

Surprisingly, these slip on shoes can be the perfect addition to your summer wedding suit and look great with a linen two piece.

In regards to colour, paler hues work well - for example, an olive suit with taupe espadrilles is the ultimate summer wedding outfit.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if your wedding is more on the formal side then loafers and leather slip on shoes would be the better option,

On the other hand, moccasins, boat shoes and espadrilles are great options to wear for summer and beach weddings as they are less formal but still look sharp.

Ultimately, the shoes you wear on your big day will depend on your outfit and wedding venue so keep this in mind to avoid looking out of place.

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