How to Keep White Trainers Squeaky Clean?

How to Keep White Trainers Squeaky Clean?

Aug 31 , 2021


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A good pair of white trainers is an essential for anyone’s wardrobe.

They look great in the summer, paired with either a maxi skirt, jeans, shirts or dresses - they’re the ultimate staple to make any outfit pop.

Unfortunately, after a while they can begin to look dirty and dull, especially if you’ve been wearing them during bad weather where they become the ultimate target for dirt and stains.

As white trainers do not usually stay dazzling white, it’s important to know how to clean them properly without ruining them so you can get as much wear as possible.

What Makes White Trainers Look Dirty?

The more you wear your white trainers, the more they are exposed to sunlight which can cause them to fade over time. Hence why it’s recommended to store them away from direct light to prevent the white from going dull.

Naturally, paint goes through an oxidation process, which is what makes white trainers start looking yellow as it changes the white light is reflected.

In addition, wearing white trainers all the time will obviously accumulate dirt and stains. So as I’m sure you already do, try to avoid stepping into messy surfaces.

Lastly, there is such a thing as over-cleaning - don’t do it. 

Consequently, excessive cleaning can cause white to fade and in this instance, a professional colour restoration may be required to bring back the shiny white colour.

With that in mind, only clean your trainers when required to avoid fabric from deteriorating and don’t be tempted to put them in the washing machine. Because this can cause some damage you can’t recover, such as melting glue, faded logos, structural damage and more. 

How to Clean White Trainers

Before you start tackling the dirt, remove the laces and let them soak in water with a small amount of baking soda. Once soaked, rinse thoroughly and let them air dry.

Next, start by rinsing off any caked-on mud, or if they’re completely dry bang them together to get rid of any big clumps.

Depending on the material of your white trainers, the way you clean them will differ slightly:


If your white trainers are made from canvas, apply soap to a damp cloth or toothbrush and gently rub the surface in circular motions.

For tougher stains, mix water with baking soda or a whitening washing powder solution and gently apply over the affected area and leave them for a couple hours.

Next, rinse the white trainers off and the stains are still there, repeat this step until they’ve vanished.


If your trainers are made from leather, you should avoid using anything that will be too harsh on its surface, so use a soft cloth over a toothbrush - leather should be treated like skin.

Otherwise, the steps above remain the same, except rather than using a water solution, you’ll want to use a professional leather cleaning milk.

Don’t panic if you can’t get your hands on this, you can use a super diluted bleach or white vinegar instead.

Lastly, finish off by using a leather balm once cleaned to keep the leather nourished, moisturised and prevent it from cracking.

Finishing Steps

Once you’re happy with them and they look dazzling white again, open out the trainers’ tongues and let them air dry naturally.

If the inside of the trainers have become way too soggy, you can try adding some scrunched up newspaper inside and leave it overnight - then remove it and continue to air dry.

To finish off, it’s a good idea to spray your squeaky clean white trainers with a shoe protection spray which will act as an invisible barrier, protecting them from dirt and stains.

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