5 Things To Look For In Comfortable Shoes: For Seniors

5 Things To Look For In Comfortable Shoes: For Seniors

Apr 14 , 2021


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When looking for shoes, it’s important to invest in a pair that will properly support your feet.

Because, poorly fitted shoes can result in injuries.

According to the University Hospitals of Leicester, every year 24,000 over-65 year olds fall each year because of ill-fitted shoes.

And, so-called “old people” shoes don’t have to be dull.

Nowadays, there are a lot of manufacturers who offer comfort, function and style - you just need to know what to look for.

Here are a few features to keep your eyes peeled for when choosing seniors’ footwear.

1. A Non-Slip Sole

Non-slips soles are essential to ensure stability and prevent falls.

With this in mind, the soles of your next piar should maintain a firm grip on any surface - even during wet weather.

Ultimately, you want shoes that have a good tread.

2. A Wide Mouth 

Shoes with wider openings make it easier to slip your feet in and out of the shoes.

Especially, if you suffer from swelling.

Also, if you wear compression socks, ensure the shoe has enough space to fit them.

Lastly, wider shoes provide comfort to your toes that in turn, increases stability

3. Adequate Padding

It’s important to look for shoes that have adequate padding.

Because, it reduces the impact of the shock from your foot hitting the ground.

As a result, it decreases the effect of the impact on your hips and lower back.

4. A Low Heel

By wearing shoes with heels 2 inches or more, you’re placing strain on your toes and the balls of your feet because your weight is shifted forward.

However, shoes that are completely flat can be uncomfortable too.

Therefore, a happy medium for seniors will be shoes with heels no higher than an inch and a half.

5. A High Back

Shoes with high backs can help stabilise your ankle and prevent sprains.

In additon, a high back offers firmer structure, which helps avoid falling over.

And, Dr Miniaci-Coxhead argues high back shoes “can help support your ankles”.

Concluding Thoughts

Whilst finding a new pair of shoes can be stressful, it's important to be mindful.

Even though there are masses of options today, look out for the features above to avoid injuries and provide stability to your feet.

Keep in mind, your shoes play a key role in providing comfort as well as reducing the risk of falling as we get older.

For more information get in touch.

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