Hemp Shoes: Ethical and Sustainable Footwear

Hemp Shoes: Ethical and Sustainable Footwear

Apr 02 , 2021


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Ethical and sustainable fashion is quickly becoming very popular, which is no surprise - we want to look and feel good without leaving a negative effect on the environment.

With that being said, hemp shoes are breathable, durable and vegan, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

What Makes Hemp Shoes Sustainable?

Hemp is an eco-friendly alternative to leather or other non-organic materials, because the plant can be grown with little water, zero pesticides and renews the soil with each growth cycle. Moreover, none of the plant goes to waste as every bit of it can be used.

In addition to this, hemp is three times stronger than organic cotton - making it an obvious choice for footwear.

The Benefits of Hemp

We’ve touched on the fact that hemp is a very strong fiber. 

But, there are a whole wray of benefits, which include:

  • Weather Resistant; hemp is excellent for outdoor wear as it’s both UV and mold-resistant.
  • Versatile; depending on the result of the garment, hemp can be blended with other fibers to create different qualities. 
  • Cost Effective; it is less expensive to farm due to its minimal growth requirements and they grow quickly.
  • Environmentally Friendly; industrial hemp plants absorb more carbon dioxides than trees, as well as using very little water and requiring no pesticides.

Considerations When Buying Hemp Shoes

So, what constitutes a great hemp shoe?

These are the three things to consider:

  • Check the sole; the sole should be made from a natural rubber, allowing you to get optimal balance and protection from uneven surfaces
  • Check the material; the use of hemp can vary between brands. So, before you buy, do your research to find out which areas of the shoe are made from hemp.
  • Comfort and durability; be sure to check for toe space, breathability and cushioning. Note, your hemp shoes should not feel tight.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, hemp shoes are much more than sustainability or fashion.

Instead, it’s about the future and the necessity to care for the planet.

With hemp shoes, we can be sure to look stylish whilst minimising our carbon footprint.

Are you ready to do your part and go green?

To find out more, get in touch today.

In the meantime, check our range of Hemp shoes.

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