How to Restyle Men’s Wedding Shoes

How to Restyle Men’s Wedding Shoes

Jul 24 , 2021


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Calling Grooms!

So you’ve decided on the perfect pair of wedding shoes for your big day, but you’re wondering if you’re ever going to wear them again?

Don’t worry, this shouldn’t stop you from buying your dream pair!

We’ve got a few style tricks for you so you can re-wear them and look dapper for every occasion in the future.

You will be newly married, remember, so you’ll have plenty of places to go with your partner and always have your shoes on point!

Let’s take a look at the popular types of wedding shoes for men and how you can re-wear them.

Types of Shoes

Of course there are a huge range of wedding shoes that men can wear - it depends on your own style.

But, here are the 3 of the most popular:

Oxford Shoes

Oxford’s are the most classic.

Not only do they look great with any suit, but they’re a timeless piece that can be worn after your wedding too.

Just to remind you, these are shoes identified by their closed lacing feature and the eyelets are stitched on top.

If you’ve gone for a traditional black leather pair, you can wear them out for date nights or casual dinners.

Particularly by wearing darker denim smart jeans paired with a shirt and a blazer - you’ll totally nail the look!

If you’ve gone for a brown or tan pair, these look great with bright blue chinos or denim trousers - they’ll literally look good with anything!

Even paired with any colour suit later, you can switch up your suit game from grey to navy and these Oxfords will still be super stylish.

Derby Shoes

These are the shoes that are a little less formal but still add that final touch.

Unlike Oxfords, these have an open laced feature giving a smart but relaxed feel.

Let’s start with brown this time - these would look great with navy chinos or trousers with a smart button up shirt for formal occasions or work events in the future.

With black Derby shoes, these are a sleek option that will look good for any occasion, whether it be to the office to the bar, these shoes will carry you with ease.

So if it’s Derby shoes you’ve gone for, you can be rest assured that you will get plenty of more wear out of them after your wedding!


The last of the bunch, we have loafers - the perfect choice for a beach wedding or outdoor weddings.

It’s the ultimate classic that can be dressed up or down depending on what you want to wear them for, and you should definitely not feel guilty for investing in a luxury pair.

After all, they are easily adaptable for different looks and they always look flattering.

Here’s how - if you’ve chosen the tassel loafer, you can wear these effortlessly with a pair of slim chinos or cotton trousers - and in any colour too; brown, navy or even khaki will have you giving off a great European style!

The Wrap Up

So there you have it, now you know how you can restyle your wedding shoes, it’s time to buy the perfect pair for your perfect day!

There’s nothing stopping you from wearing your wedding shoes again, whether it’s for dinner, drinks to a bar or work and formal events - you can be sure you’ll always be putting your best foot forward.

Want to know more? Get in touch today.

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