3 Types of Wedding Shoes and Matching Sock Styles for Men

3 Types of Wedding Shoes and Matching Sock Styles for Men

Jul 14 , 2021


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So your big day is fast approaching and you haven’t yet picked out your wedding shoes?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone - many men leave picking their wedding shoes and socks until the last minute.

It’s almost certain your bride will be wearing new shoes at the wedding, so you should too; plus there will be lots of shoe photographs so you don’t want to be wearing a creased up pair.

Moreover, if you want your feet to be on point for your wedding day, it’s important to match your socks and shoes with not only your outfit, but the overall wedding theme too.

Most men’s style experts agree that shoes and socks can make or break your look if not chosen carefully - especially on your big day.

After all, this is not the time to throw on two mismatched socks as if no one will notice; trust me, they will!

But you can still have fun with the socks you choose, it doesn’t have to be basic.

Let’s take a closer look at 3 wedding shoe styles with socks to match.

1. Patent Leather Oxfords and Cashmere Socks

If your wedding day is a traditional affair and you’re wearing a tuxedo, the best shoes you could go for are black patent leather Oxford shoes.

In fact, your tuxedo doesn’t have to be black for these shoes either, evigen if it’s a midnht or navy blue - patent black Oxfords will look great.

In regards to socks, black would be the obvious decision, but neutral block colours such as navy, grey or beige works well too.

Just remember though, you’ll want socks long enough that doesn’t show scruffy ankle hairs so choose a pair that at least reaches mid-calf.

In addition, you’ll be wearing your shoes all day and you don’t want to be wearing socks that get drenched from sweat making your feet uncomfortable.

So, stay away from synthetic fabrics and go for socks made from cashmere wool instead as they’re absorbent and keep your feet cool.

2. Velvet Loafers and Invisible Socks

If you’re not wearing a tuxedo but still have a black tie theme, black velvet loafers offer a classy and luxurious look for any groom.

Importantly, your trousers should be slightly shorter in length than usual as it will compliment the loafer style more.

When it comes to socks, the best type for this style would be invisible socks - you want your shoes to do all the talking here.

Plus, this will look as though you’re not wearing socks and offers an undoubtedly clean and relaxed vibe.

3. Brown Oxfords and Patterned Socks

Let’s say your wedding theme is a rustic barn for example, and instead of black tie you’re wearing a comfortable blue suit.

In this case, brown oxfords will be your best bet - they look great with blue, green and dark brown suits and will make your feet visually stand out.

As these shoes are slightly less formal than a traditional black pair, you can have a bit more fun when it comes to your sock choice.

For instance, a patterned blue and grey sock will peek through your suit trousers and complement both your shoes and overall outfit.

Finishing Thoughts

Ultimately, the shoes you want to wear on your big day are completely your choice and the main point to consider is keeping your feet comfortable from start to finish.

Of course, factor in what you’re wearing and what your wedding theme is so that you’re not completely missing the mark and standing out for the wrong reasons!

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