How to Style Golf Shoes: Black, White or Brown?

How to Style Golf Shoes: Black, White or Brown?

Nov 30 , 2021


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It’s no secret, golfers care about what they look like and pay attention to fashion.

So, if you’re a serious golfer and you’re worried about how you’re dressed for your next game, you may be in a constant battle between what colour golf shoes to wear: black or white?

Generally, white golf shoes are the better choice.

And even though there are some times where black will be a good fit, white will always look better overall.

Think about it, white shoes are in style for a reason, and they serve a more traditional look.

Arguably, looking good and playing well goes hand in hand, so avoid making a fashion mishap next time you head out for a round.

To help you put your best foot forward on the green, here are some style tips when it comes to choosing a pair of golf shoes.

Black or White in the Rain?

OK, so I know I said earlier that white is the better choice, but it’s always a good idea to have a black pair of golf shoes in your wardrobe for when the weather takes a turn and it begins to rain.

The reason being, is when it rains the ground is inevitably going to get muddy, dirty and the sand will be wet.

And quite obviously, your white golf shoes will just get ruined.

Sure, you can just clean them after you’ve finished playing, but getting stains out of white shoes can be quite the challenge.

However, with a black shoe, these imperfections will be less noticeable.

Of course, you’ll still need to wash them, but it will be a lot easier to clean when working with black shoes.

It’s also worth noting here, that you’ll want your black golf shoes to be waterproof, so that rain does not seep into your socks and give you soggy feet - yuck!

What Colour Socks Should You Wear?

The biggest mistake you’ll want to avoid when wearing black golf shoes is to wear them with white socks.

Yes, most of the golf socks on the market are white, and this has something to do with the fact that classic golf shoes are usually white.

But, you don’t even necessarily have to wear golf socks when you go out to play; if you’re wearing black golf shoes, then black ankle socks will work just fine.

Simply, if you wear black golf shoes with white socks, you’re going to draw attention to your feet and you won’t appear as a classic, or professional golfer.

Bonus tip: if you decide to wear black golf shoes, you’ll need to take into consideration the colour of your overall attire too.

Generally, most golfers will wear darker coloured shorts paired with a black belt.

In other words, if you keep colours consistent, you’ll appear more polished and professional on the course.

What About Brown Golf Shoes?

If you’re still debating in your head whether you should wear black or white golf shoes, you could just ditch these all together and opt for a brown pair instead.

And, the best thing about brown golf shoes is that they don’t look as dirty after a round, and they’re not as dark as black, which makes it easier to pair with even lighter coloured outfits.

In regards to socks, it’s best to wear a brown pair if possible; a black or white pair of socks will take away from the professional vibe a brown golf shoe can offer.

What About Saddle Shoes?

Saddle golf shoes are the ones that are more than one colour.

Usually, the front and back will be one colour and then the saddle across the centre will be another.

Typically, saddle shoes are black and white, but they can come in a combination of brown tones too.

Simply, the great thing about these shoes is that if you can’t decide between a colour, you can have both!

However, these shoes are becoming a little outdated and many golfers are looking for more modern designs in their golf shoes.

Final Considerations

Let’s just forget about the colour of golf shoes for a minute and think about whether you even need golf shoes when it comes to playing this sport.

A common question that comes up is: are golf shoes even necessary for beginner golfers?

Well, for the most part, yes.

Because, golf shoes provide you with extra grip and stability for when you take a swing, and they do not present any damage to the golf course.

But, for the first few rounds, it is acceptable to wear trainers until you decide whether you will continue playing the sport.

For more information, please get in touch today.

Check out our full range of golf shoes here in the meantime.


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