How To Keep Your Suede Shoes Clean?

How To Keep Your Suede Shoes Clean?

Apr 03 , 2021


How To Keep Your Suede Shoes Clean?


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Suede shoes look and feel good.

Now imagine: You have just walked into the shop and seen a pair of shoes you love. But, they’re suede.

The only thing that is running through your mind right then: how will I keep these clean? That the rain will ruin these.

Whether it’s rain, dirt or anything else, Suede shoes are destroyed if not looked after properly.

But, don’t worry: We have found an effortless way to keep your new suede shoes looking clean and pristine for the long term.

1. Use a Water Repellent Spray

To begin, suede shoes should be treated with a water repellent spray.

Apply the spray all over your shoes and let it dry completely before heading out.

Although you should avoid heading outside in your suede shoes when it's pouring down rain, water repellent sprays can prolong your shoes’ life by protecting the fabric and stopping them from getting damp.

2. Brush Your Shoes

After every wear, give your shoes a once over with a suede brush.

A suede brush is an essential tool to get rid of excess dirt that sits on the surface; immediately improving the appearance of your shoes.

For a more effective clean, make sure you brush in the same direction of any scuffs on the shoes.

Simply, do not brush the shoes back and forth. Doing so will stop you from just rubbing the dirt around and actually have them cleaned.


3. Use Water and Vinegar for Tougher Stains

If a suede brush is simply not working to clean your shoes – don’t panic!

Hard to remove stains can be eliminated using a solution of two parts water and one part white vinegar.

Once you have mixed your water and vinegar, apply a small amount to the stain with a soft cloth.

As soon as the solution has dried on the shoe, gently brush over it using a suede brush.


Closing Remarks

Shoes will inevitably get dirty.

However, with these simple tips, you no longer have to avoid suede!

Look after them properly and they will even survive through the unpredictable British weather.


To learn more get in touch today.

In the meantime, check our range of Suede shoes.


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