3 Top Tips for Hikers When Walking in Poor Weather Conditions

3 Top Tips for Hikers When Walking in Poor Weather Conditions

Mar 31 , 2021


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There’s nothing worse than taking the scenic route and then the rain pours.

The next thing you know, your feet are soaking wet.

And now, not only is the weather miserable, but your feet are too.

But how can we look after our feet in wet weather?

Follow our top tips and you’ll have happy feet that are warm and dry.

1. Waterproof Shoes

If you are a keen hiker, it’s advised to invest in a pair of good quality, waterproof hiking shoes.

There are three main materials to look for when buying your next pair of shoes.

First, Gore-Tex. This prevents water from seeping into your shoes whilst allowing sweat to escape. 

Although a little on the pricey side, this technology is a game changer!

Second, Leather. We know this is a naturally waterproof material. Spray with a protective shoe treatment and you’ll avoid soggy socks and wet feet.

Lastly, Nubuck Leather. Nubuck is sanded on the outside layer, making it tougher and easier to repel water - it’s not as appealing to the eye due to imperfections from sanding but it’s a great material to go for in the rainy months.

2. Duct Tape Method

Some hikers swear by duct tape to keep both shoes and feet dry.

Simply, “mummy wrap” your shoes. 

Start with wrapping the top by your toes, all the way around until the majority of your shoes are wrapped.

Essentially, the duct tape will allow water to run straight over the tape without seeping in.

Of course, the more you walk the tape will begin to tear underneath.

However, the tape on top will remain and you’ll be surprised with how long it will actually last!

3. Toe Warmers

Let’s say it’s a colder day than normal, but you’re still committed to getting your steps in.

Before you head off, consider toe warmers to add an extra base of protection for your toes.

Typically, toe warmers will last between 5 and 8 hours, which is perfect to last while you spend the day outdoors.

Remember, do not use these directly on your skin. After wearing socks, you can place these either on the top or bottom of your toes - however you feel comfortable.

4. Finishing Thoughts

Ultimately, the wellbeing of your feet depends on how far you are walking and the severity of the weather.

However, if not properly looked after, wet feet can cause blisters and even trench feet.

As mentioned, invest in a good pair of waterproof walking shoes. 

On the contrary, try duct taping your shoes and purchase toe warmers to keep your feet happy in the cold!

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