How to Style Dance Heels Away From the Studio

How to Style Dance Heels Away From the Studio

Jul 22 , 2021


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For those who love wearing heels, we’re sure you can agree how hard it is to find the perfect pair that not only look good but feel comfortable too.

Regardless of how stylish the heels are, if they bring pain - they must go - which can be quite a painful thought, especially if the heels are fairly new.

On the other hand, if you’re a professional dancer, you’re probably already aware of how important shoes are for your performance and dance heels do the job really well.

Because dance heels are made differently from everyday heels; they have a suede sole and are more flexible to allow the shoe to move effortlessly with the foot’s movement. 

In addition, dance heels are generally lighter in weight which make them a more comfortable option and allows you to freely glide across the dancefloor.

And with these features, dance heels do the job so well that they have now begun to make their way into everyday life.

Moreover, dance heels are available in almost every colour and style which makes them the perfect option to wear for your next formal event, dinner or party.

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can style dance heels away from the studio… 

Formal Events

As mentioned earlier, dance heels are available in a wide variety of colours and styles.

And that makes them great to wear for formal events, where you may be on your feet for long periods of time and you need nothing more than comfort.

Did you know, the standard Latin dance heels are often referred to as “court” shoes?

Typically, these heels are worn to perform dances such as waltzes, foxtrots, the tango and other forms of ballroom dance.

In regards to these dances, women wear beautiful dresses and men are in suits - which can be said to be the same when it comes to formal events.

Let’s say you’re heading to a business dinner or event, wear a classic, little black dress which will always look good paired with dance heels - whether open or closed toe, the choice is yours.

Also, bear in mind that heels with ankle straps will make your foot feel more secure and means you can stay on your foot for longer, with maximum comfort.

As such, you can attend any formal event with dance heels and everyone will be none the wiser!


So it’s time to hit the club or even head to a loved one’s birthday - when it comes to partying, dance heels are your new best friend!

Not only do you have a lot of choices, dance heels will finish off your outfit with a subtle but chic look, making sure you look on point (literally!) even if you’re not wearing traditional everyday heels.

We already know when it comes to outfits on the stage, dancers look phenomenal in brightly coloured dresses and sequined leotards.

However, when it comes to partying, you may not always want to wear a dress - and that’s OK!

Even if you want to wear short shorts with a cami top, dance heels will finish off your outfit perfectly and leave you dancing deep into the night without feeling any pain in your feet.

Simply figure out the vibe of the party, where your night out will be and pick the style of your dance heels accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Normal heels are not made for walking and if you’re going to be on your feet for a long time then dance heels offer more comfort, no matter what you’re going to wear them for.

However, if you choose to wear dance heels outside of the studio, don’t wear them on the pavement outside and instead carry in a bag and change at the venue as concrete will ruin the soft suede soles.

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