Our Top 4 Features to Look For in Outdoor Slippers

Our Top 4 Features to Look For in Outdoor Slippers

Jul 15 , 2021


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If you thought slippers are only to be worn inside - think again!

Wearing slippers outdoors has become increasingly popular, whether they’re open-toe or moccasins, there’s a style out there that matches your needs.

Gone are the days where being cosy means staying inside, your feet can feel maximum comfort with outdoor slippers and can be worn for either nipping out to hang the laundry, or for the commute home after a long day at work.

With that said, there are few things to look out for when choosing outdoor slippers to ensure your feet remain happy and not cause any issues to your foot’s health.

To cover all bases, here are our top 4 features to look for when buying outdoor slippers.

1. Sturdy Thicker Sole

The first thing to look out for when buying outdoor slippers is a sturdy thick sole.

The reason being, is that the sole will protect your feet from puddles or mud when wearing slippers outside.

In addition, thicker soles will provide extra support and comfort for your feet.

Moreover, check for deep treads that will make it easier for you to walk on all types of terrain, whether it be thick long grass or deep fluffy snow.

In terms of material, rubber is always a good option as it’s durable and will prevent moisture from seeping in.

Lastly, having a thick sturdy sole will protect your feet against anything that will hurt them, such as thorns from garden plants or fallen nails from your last DIY job; you want soles thick enough to stop anything sharp stabbing your foot.

2. Easily Washable 

When you’re wearing outdoor slippers, you’ll want to choose a fabric that is easy to clean again and again.

Inevitably, slippers will get dirty, especially if it’s raining and you’ve chosen to walk your dog in the fields for example.

As such, opt for outdoor slippers that can be easily washed in the machine or by hand to get rid of any dirt.

3. Temperature Regulating Materials

Regardless of which outdoor slippers you choose, you will want a pair that keeps your feet at just the right temperature.

For example, if your feet are always cold and your toes feel like ice, investing in a pair that is lined with faux fur will keep your feet toasty when heading outdoors - especially in colder months.

On the other hand, if your feet get hot very quickly, you should choose outdoor slippers that are linked with a naturally moisture soaking fabric such as fleece.

For an all rounder, merino wool is a great temperature regulated fabric as it has tiny air pockets that can keep feet warm in cold air and cool during hot summer months.

4. Water Resistance 

The final feature to consider is if your outdoor slippers are water resistant, particularly if you live in wetter climates.

Of course, different slippers will have different levels of water resistance.

Such as leather, which is naturally water resistant and therefore making it a good option for outdoor slippers.

Depending on what you need your outdoor slippers for, base your decision of the level of water resistance on this and what material will offer you the best protection.

The Final Word

After a long day, we all love getting home and putting our feet up by slipping into something cosy.

However, by looking out for these features above in your outdoor slippers, you can make every journey home a comfortable one!

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