Importance of Getting the Shoe Size Right

Importance of Getting the Shoe Size Right

Jan 05 , 2021

Taseer Ahmad

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At this point, we have established it well that wearing shoes that are too tight can become a big problem.

However, you may not know this but, if you are wearing shoes that are too big for you, it can lead to a complete set of new issues.

I feel the need to clarify this part because quite a few celebs, including Megan Markle, are openly sharing their ideas of wearing shoes that are a size bigger than what they need.

Yes, you need a little wiggle room.

So, for instance, if you end up having a foot size that is in between two standard sizes, you should buy the higher number.

However, knowingly buying bigger shoes is not a good idea.

In fact, in some cases, for instance with heels, a bigger than needed size does almost the same damage than a heel that is too tight. In both these cases, your weight will be unevenly distributed, leading to too much pressure on the ball of your foot.

Here’s a look at what ends up happening to your foot if you are wearing loose shoes.

Impact of Loose Shoes

The general idea behind wearing loose shoes is: you will have more stretching space.

But, what ends up happening is that you start going through a repetitive contracture cycle that becomes counterproductive to your original effort to escapethe tight shoes.  

As a result, you still end up with foot issues, e.g. bunions and hammertoes, and even bigger issues, e.g. neuromas and Achilles Tendonitis.

Simply, keep in mind that shoes are meant to be providing support to your feet.

And, this idea of support only works in optimal conditions. In fact, with loose shoes, your feet end up carrying the shoes, which completely nullifies the reason for wearing them.

Recently, we have been looking to provide intermediary sizes for all our options, e.g. 7 ½ to go between 7s and 8s. We will keep you updated on the progress there.

To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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