6 Reasons to Wear Merino Wool Socks

6 Reasons to Wear Merino Wool Socks

Dec 23 , 2021


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If you’ve never worn merino wool socks in the winter, it’s about time you did.

With winter comes cold, wet weather and cotton socks will just not cut it.

The reason being: when cotton gets wet, it loses all of its insulating properties, so at that point, you may as well not be wearing any socks at all.

And if you’re an outdoors enthusiast, it doesn’t matter how warm your winter boots are; your feet will still sweat and you’ll end up with cold, damp feet.

However, merino wool has many qualities that make it the preferred material to wear on your feet everyday; it’s made from different fibres that help to keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Unlike traditional wool, merino wool is super fine and soft; the fibre is only ⅓ the diameter of a human hair and it doesn’t feel prickly on the skin.

And, these all-year round, magic socks offer a range of benefits to everyone.

That said, here are 6 reasons to wear merino wool socks everyday.

1. Merino Wool is Natural

Merino wool is made up of proteins composed of amino acids and natural compounds.

Simply, it’s a natural, renewable fibre which means one sheep can grow between 2 - 30 pounds of wool a year.

And, this fibre has evolved over time to keep sheep comfortable and warm in harsh environments.

Think about it, if these animals can hang out in freezing winter environments to hot sunny days without a problem, it’s a pretty amazing fibre to be wearing on your feet!

To explain this further, merino wool naturally crimps and bends in the cold, trapping in air and insulating you, but when it’s warm outside, it’s able to transport sweat quickly away from the skin to help you keep cool.

2. Keeps Your Feet Dry

Merino wool is able to transport sweat and moisture away from the skin as a vapour; it’s fibres are super porous.

Without getting too technical, the fibres are composed of tiny plates where moisture vapour can get in between, which means your feet will not be left feeling wet, cold or clammy after any activity.

On the other hand, synthetic materials are not porous; they usually wick sweat once it’s already a liquid and then your body has to warm up to evaporate it; hence why you may sweat in the winter.

Therefore, merino wool eliminates this step of the process, helping you stay warm and dry when you’re moving outdoors.

3. Antimicrobial and Breathable

Merino wool is incredibly breathable and therefore is less prone to clamminess.

As you may already know, bacteria thrives in damp conditions and because these fibres are able to absorb lots of moisture, it will take this away from your skin and prevent fungal infections.

In other words, you’ll be able to walk for miles or work out as hard as you can, while keeping your feet warm but not overheating.

And, this material will deter bacteria, ensuring the sweat remains on the socks and not on your skin.

Furthermore, as this material works to keep your skin dry, it means that there will be less irritation which will reduce the risk of blisters.

4. Odor Resistant

Following on from the previous point, as merino wool is antimicrobial, it means the moisture-wicking quality is able to keep unwanted, foul odors at bay.

So, by wearing merino wool socks you can say goodbye to nasty smells as this material absorbs the odor caused by bacteria, trapping the odor and stopping it from building up.

For this reason, you can wear merino wool socks for longer without worrying about being smelly; perfect for travelling or longer treks.

5. Easy to Care For

Merino wool is very easy to care for due its stain resistant properties; it has a natural protective outer layer which stops stains from being absorbed.

Plus, merino wool socks are machine washable: simply turn them inside out and put them on a gentle cycle.

In addition, merino wool does not stretch out of shape which means these socks last longer; the natural elasticity in the fibres means it can return back to its original shape, preventing sagging.

Final Words

Plain and simple: merino wool socks are amazing!

As you can see from these benefits above, this wool is made for performance and it’s very easy to see why it has become one of the most popular materials out there in the outdoor fashion industry.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch today.

In the meantime, take a look at our full range of comfortable shoes here.

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