5 Different Types of Socks, By Length

5 Different Types of Socks, By Length

Dec 21 , 2020

Erandika Mohanathasan

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The fabric/material of the sock is always important.

Whether you choose to wear them depending on the weather, what activity you are going to do that day or the outfit, the choices are critical for your comfort.

But, apart from that, the sock length is also important too. For example, you can not wear a “knee length” sock in summer nor wear a “no show” socks in winter.

Therefore, it’s important to learn that different socks extend to different heights on legs.

In addition, in the current trend, to make a fashion statement, you have to get your socks length right.

For instance, if the socks are too long, it may ruin the certain outfit look.

But if it's too short, it may not suit certain outfits as well as make you feel uncomfortable as well as not protect your feet enough.

Here’s 5 different options for socks lengths.

Different Socks Lengths

1. No show

No show socks are also called low profile socks, loafer socks, pedi socks or footies.

These are designed to be hidden under the shoe cuffs.

In terms of use, these are worn with foot wears such as sneakers, boat shoes, loafers, lightweight athletic shoes and moccasins. 

From a seasonal perspective, no show socks are usually worn in summer to keep the feet dry, breathable and odour free.

From a styling perspective, these socks go well with outfits such as shorts, cuffed trousers and dresses.

And, as you can imagine, these do not go well with formal outfits.

Even though many prefer the sockless look, some people do not like to show the “ankle cleavage” look.

2. Ankle High

Ankle socks are also called quarter socks, low rise socks or shorties.

Ankle socks are shorter than crew socks; covered next; but longer than no show socks. They halt along the ankle. Hence, they are not invisible as no show socks, but don’t extend too far up either. 

Many prefer to wear ankle socks while playing sports, running or even for hiking (given that they were initially designed by a trainer shoe brand).

In terms of style, they are usually fitting, comfortable and due to the low cut, perfectly fits along the trainers.

Apart from trainers, they are also worn with boots, flat shoes and loafers.

As already mentioned, these are best worn for sports and casual wear but not formal wear.

3. Crew

Crew socks reach the middle of the calf.

These are comfortable, classic, informal socks mostly worn by kids. Simply, this is because they help to protect feet and ankles from wounds, blisters and cold. 

In terms of use, crew socks are worn more with jeans or sport outfits and it's mostly worn by men. 

Initially, sost crew socks were made of cotton or cotton blend synthetics. But now, they are made of wool or even silk.

When buying crew socks, you have to be careful that it fits perfectly, especially when it comes to kids.

As, if they are bigger than needed, they can start falling off and get annoying and uncomfortable. Similarly, if the socks are too tight, they can restrict circulation and lead to other issues.

4. Knee High

As the name says, knee high socks extend till the knee cap.

So, they cover most of the legs.

Knee high socks can also be called over the calf socks (OTC). These are usually made using fabrics such as wool or silk.

In terms of styling, knee high socks can be worn with shorts, skirts or dresses to make a fashion statement. But ideally, they are worn with long boots in the winter for comfort and warmth.  

The difference between knee high socks and crew socks is that these would fall off the calf as they sit on the knee caps. Therefore, knee high socks are more comfortable compared to crew socks.

5. Over the Knee

Over the knee extends and sits above the knee and at times stretches up to the thigh. 

In terms of fashion, over knee socks are usually worn by women when wearing short outfits during winter. As you can imagine, over the knee socks help to keep the legs warm in winter.  

Over the knee socks are sometimes called stockings.

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