Different Styles of Trainers: 2021 Trends For Women

Different Styles of Trainers: 2021 Trends For Women

May 18 , 2021


Tags: Different Styles of Trainers for Women in 2021

Trainers are becoming more and more popular to wear with almost any outfit - even formal ones - it all depends on the style you choose.

What’s great is, the perfect pair of trainers can add all important touches to your overall ensemble without compromising on functionality.

And, whilst before trainers were branded as an athletic or casual option, the rise of streetwear fashion has allowed them to become the ultimate option - especially when it comes to versatility.

From flatforms to classic tennis shoes, here are the top styles to be wearing in 2021.

1. Classic All White Trainers 

A classic trainer is a must have for every woman’s wardrobe - even if you think casual is not your style. 

In fact, you might already own a pair - think all white!

In particular, all white trainers are an easy addition to any outfit, especially monochromatic. 

2. Low Tops

Trainers with low tops work especially well with jeans or dresses.

Basically, low top trainers are great for the summer months, will compliment any outfit and still look fashion-forward.

And, regardless of what material they’re made from, low top trainers offer a fun and flirty silhouette

3. High Tops

Some women avoid wearing high top trainers so that they are not cutting themselves off at the ankle.

But, let’s say you’re after a more effortless, laid back look, as opposed to low tops then, you’ll want to opt for trainers with high tops.

4. Platform Trainers

With 90’s influences still playing a huge part in today’s fashion, there’s no surprise why platform trainers are here to stay.

And, what’s great is, they will compliment every single outfit!

Regardless of if you’re wearing a dress, loungewear or even a suit, platform trainers will offer that minimalistic look, without dressing down. 

Furthermore, platform trainers offer you the height, without the pain of wearing heels.

5. Sustainable Trainers

As more attention grows towards sustainable fashion, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor when buying shoes.

Thankfully, the technology that’s available today means we don’t have to compromise on fashion either. 

An example of sustainable shoes would be those made from hemp - a natural and comfortable alternative to leather. 

Furthermore, hemp shoes are made from a blend of fibres, which means you won’t be limited to a particular design or colour.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, when it comes to trainers you want to be comfortable - both physically and mentally.

So, don’t wear shoes that don’t feel right for you.

Overall, trainers are becoming more acceptable to wear with almost anything, so as long as you're being true to your own unique style, you have nothing to worry about!

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