3 Types of Shoe Toe Shapes Explained

3 Types of Shoe Toe Shapes Explained

May 26 , 2021


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Regardless of which shoes you like to wear, you’ll want to put your best foot forward - literally!

As such, the shape of your shoe will be noticed by everyone you come across.

This guide explores 3 different shoe toe shapes and how it affects comfort as well as appearance. 

1. Round Toe

Round toe shoes are the most traditional shape - and for good reason too.

Because, rounded shoes are often the more spacious and thus offer the most comfort; especially for those with wider feet.

Furthermore, round toe shoes look great on more structured shoes, such as boots or trainers.

It’s worth noting here though, as round toe shoes are the most traditional, they may not be the most exciting to look at.

But, if traditional is the look you want, then these are a must have for everyone’s wardrobe. 

2. Square Toe

There’s an unspoken rule that men should avoid wearing super square toe shoes.

Furthermore, it’s argued that square toe shoes are not very appealing to look at and can sometimes be portrayed as “cheap”.

However, this is not the case.

For example, in the James Bond film Skyfall, the square toe shape is widely used and I’m sure we can agree - he does not lack style!

In addition, square toe shaped shoes herald back to the 90s, where the style dominated pop culture at the time and the 90s are what inspires some designers, such as Prada and Calvin Klein, today.

3. Pointed Toe

Pointed toe shoes are considered a daring option due to their very narrow and acute style.

Typically, this style is preferred by women who like to wear stilettos because they can add that extra glamour to an outfit.

However, pointed toe shoes are often the most uncomfortable because feet are not shaped for this design.

Therefore, when buying pointed toe shoes it’s a good idea to size up so that there is enough distance between your longest toe and the shoe’s front. 

Final Thoughts

Whichever shoe shape you prefer, you must ensure they are properly fitted and provide comfort to avoid complications in the future.

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