Sock Trends in 2021: The Complete Guide

Sock Trends in 2021: The Complete Guide

Apr 26 , 2021


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When it comes to fashion, as seasons change so do prints and patterns.

And, the same can be said for socks too!

In other words, socks can transform an entire look and add that perfect finishing touch.

Sadly, even in 2021, the usefulness of socks is underestimated.

To ensure you’re putting your best foot forward, here are the latest sock trends to look out for.

Socks and Sandals

Most people wearing socks with sandals is the biggest fashion crime - wrong!

Typically, socks and sandals have been associated with geeky dads or tourists.

However, luxury brands, from Fendi to Ferrafamo, have suggested this fashion faux pas is back.

And, we can thank Covid-19 for this; comfort-over-style lockdown fashion has welcomed the socks with sandals trend with open arms.

Furthermore, this trend has been adopted by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Tyler The Creator.

Socks Pulled Up or Down?

Esquire’s style director, Charlie Teasdale, believes socks should be pulled up - especially in formal situations.

However, with the warm weather fast approaching, it’s likely you’ll be more inclined to wear shorts.

Generally, socks should not be seen when wearing shorts; in this case opt for trainer socks instead; you don’t have to go sockless and have sweaty smelly feet, but you can protect your feet without crossing any fashion lines. 

However, there are some exceptions that make pulled up socks A-OK!

For instance, the sporty look - even if you’re not working out but want that athletic vibe - wear socks up the midpoint of your calves

Another example is simply making a bold statement - let’s say you want to express your confidence by wearing bold socks, do it!

White Socks

Until recently, wearing white socks was only acceptable when playing sports and needed to be avoided when suited and booted.

Now, however, white socks are appealing to most because of their subversive nature - according to fashion stylist, Tom Stubbs.

With that in mind, you should wear white socks whenever you want to - especially if you want to break the norm!

As a matter of fact, white socks were showcased with sandals by Fendi during Milan Fashion Week.  

Flamboyant Designs

There was a time when the basic rule was: the colour of your socks should match your trousers.

But, who wants to be that boring?

Absolutely, there’s a place for flamboyant socks in everyone’s wardrobe.

For instance, wearing bright and bold socks to work not only screams confidence, but lets others get a sense of your personality too.  

Furthermore, if you’re wearing a basic outfit, then a unique pair of socks will add that little bit of pop without going overboard.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the socks you opt for should represent your own unique style.

So, wear what you feel most comfortable in - reasses your sock game and make the most from your outfit.

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