A Complete Style Guide of Shoes: Men Edition

A Complete Style Guide of Shoes: Men Edition

Apr 19 , 2021


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Shoes play an essential role in every outfit.

Afterall, your footwear can quickly make or break your outfit.

So, if you want to appear ‘stylish’, it’s important to wear the appropriate style of shoes to compliment your overall appearance.

Luckily, we’ve created a complete style guide from smart to casual that every man should have in his wardrobe.


1. Brogues

Brogues originate from the 18th Century and their distinctive punching was a practical feature designed to keep water out - not decorative.

Originally, brogues were considered as outdoors shoes and not acceptable for formal events.

However, that has since changed and brogues are now widely accepted as ‘smart’ shoes.

In fact, they are extremely versatile and can be paired up with anything from jeans and T-shirt to business attire.

So, you could opt for darker brogues for a more formal vibe and lighter ones for a more everyday look.

As a rule of thumb, the more broguing on the shoe, the less formal it is.

2. Loafers

Loafers are a slip-on shoe that does not feature any fastenings.

Arguably, loafers are the ultimate, classic shoes for a range of different reasons.

Because, they are easy to dress up or down and are available in a number of different materials.

And, these materials are what defines the overall feel for your ensemble.

For instance, suede loafers are useful for a ‘smart casual’ look, whereas leather loafers add that class for formal occasions.


3. Oxfords

Unlike brogues, oxfords are characterised by its closed lacing (brogues have an open lacing system).

Historically, oxford were plain leather shoes, with no design or detailing.

However, they are now readily available in different levels of formality, including suede designs and two-tone styles.

Ultimately, they look best when paired with a formal suit or black-tie event.


4. Suede Chukkas

Chukkas are an ankle-length boot that typically features two or three eyelets and thin laces.

Most often, they are made from suede and are best styled with casual outfits, such as blue jeans and white shirt. 

And, they’re particularly great during the spring and autumn.

Remember, if you want to portray a relaxed style, chukka boots are for you.

5. Trainers

For everyday, casual outfits you cannot go wrong with a pair of trainers.

Not only can they be paired with loungewear, they look great with jeans and casual trousers too.

Plus, trainers offer comfort as well as style.

For instance, a white pair styled with black jeans are great for a monochromatic look, but bright colours work well for a statement street look.


Closing Remarks

Ultimately, it is your decision on what you want to wear.

However, wearing the wrong shoes can ruin your outfit completely.

So, it’s a good idea to keep this guide in mind the next time you’re getting ready to avoid any wardrobe mishaps!

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