Keep Feet From Sweating in Work Boots in 4 Easy Ways

Keep Feet From Sweating in Work Boots in 4 Easy Ways

Dec 08 , 2021


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If you spend all day on your feet in work boots, you’re probably familiar with sweaty feet at the end of your shift.

From police officers and military personnel to construction workers, sweaty feet are a very common problem; not only do they feel uncomfortable, but can also cause an unpleasant smell.

Not to mention, they make the perfect breeding ground for nasty bacteria and fungus to grow that can lead to the skin on your feet becoming cracked, itchy or painful.

The simple fact of the matter is, our feet contain over 250,000 sweat glands, and even though work boots are heavily lined for your comfort, they can become very warm and cause your feet to sweat.

Whilst you may feel relieved knowing you’re not alone, what you will want to know is how you can stop your feet from sweating so much in work boots.

Without further ado, here are 4 easy ways to keep your feet dry and free from sweating in work boots.

1. Use Foot Powders and Antiperspirants 

Foot powders and antiperspirants are readily available in local pharmacies or supermarkets, and they are intended to absorb excess moisture and reduce sweating.

Once your feet are nice and clean, use a foot powder with antibacterial properties before you wear your boots.

Simply sprinkle the powder before you put on your socks, and put some inside your boots before you head off to work.

Alternatively, you can use an antiperspirant, where its biggest advantage is: your feet won’t be powdery.

Like with powers, use the spray before you put on your socks and you can spray them inside your work boots too.

It’s worth noting here, you should not mix powders and antiperspirants as this can have an opposite effect; try both and see what works better for you.


2. Wear Moisture Wicking Socks

If you think socks are not a big deal, think again.

The socks you wear act as a barrier between your feet and the inside of your boots, and if you’re just chucking any pair on without any thought, you may not choose ones that have good absorbency and have the ability to keep your feet dry.

That said, invest in socks that have moisture wicking properties, and make sure you change them daily.

However, you should know that cotton is not the best material; instead go for socks made from polyester or merino wool.

Simply, materials that prevent a build up of moisture will help to keep your feet dry and prevent odor and skin infections, such as Athlete’s foot.


3. Dry Your Boots Daily

Once you get home after a long day’s work, you need to make sure your work boots are properly dry before you wear them again the next day.

Now, there are devices like a boot dryer, which helps to evaporate all of the sweat from the inside of your boot, there are simpler methods to do this.

For example, you can stuff the insides with newspaper which is ideal for soaking up excess moisture; if you don’t have newspaper then use kitchen roll.

Similarly, you can use a towel; place two corners inside each boots, then wrap the remaining edges around the boots to cover them entirely.


4. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated and drinking lots of water, particularly on hotter days, helps to regulate your body’s temperature.

And in turn, this will control and reduce any excessive sweating.

In addition to drinking lots of water during your shift, it’s also been observed that people who are overweight tend to sweat more.

The reason being, is people who weigh more have to use more energy to move around, plus their mass takes a longer time to cool down.

As such, maintaining a healthy weight will reduce the amount of stress placed on your feet and therefore bring down your sweat levels too.


The Bottom Line

Even though each of these ways on their own are effective, the best solution is to combine them altogether.

Now, we’re not saying this will completely prevent sweating, because you can’t - feet sweat and that’s normal.

But doing these things above will minimise excessive sweating when wearing work boots and prevent bad odor as well as reducing the risk of any fungal infections.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch today.


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