3 Main Reasons Why Shoes Are Personalised & Customised

3 Main Reasons Why Shoes Are Personalised & Customised

Jan 07 , 2021

Erandika Mohanathasan

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Although shoes have been around for 40,000 years, i.e. since humans were living in caves, the purpose behind using them has remained consistent: providing protection and comfort.

You may add in the factor of fashion and the selling forces behind mass production of shoes, but in most cases, why we wear shoes has remained the same.

However, depending on the needs of some people, the shoes worn by them may require some level of customisation.

Here are 3 reasons why most people customise or personalise their shoes:

1. Medical Purposes

You may be surprised to hear that only 20% of the population have perfect feet.

This means that most of the people require some level of adjustment when buying shoes, albeit in most cases the adjustments are quite minor.

For other people, the adjustments can be more severe and even life saving, e.g. in medically driven cases.

So, due to  ongoing health issues, e.g. a deformed bone or even diabetes, you may need to wear specially designed shoes.

As you can imagine, these shoes provide added support for the pressures on your feet, caused by the medical issues.

2. Attraction Towards Customisation

For some people, shoes are not just something that they wear.

Such is the seriousness that, for some, owning a shoe becomes a form of expression.

As a result, people go to extreme lengths to customise their shoes.

(At a human level, there is something special about owning something that was specifically designed for you or at least came in limited quantities).

We have reached a point where you can go to acclaimed universities and study shoe making or even shoe design as a degree for the regular 3 to 5 years like any other studied field.

3. Genetic Differences

Not everyone can pick a shoe off the shelf, where the sizes are based on incremental differences.

However, these incremental changes are generally about the length of the shoe, ignoring the fact that the width of our foot can be variable too.

For instance, some people may have shorter yet wider feet.

And, if this is the case for you and you continually buy shoes from the open market, you may end up getting bunions, hammer toes or calluses on your feet, among other issues.

To counteract such issues, you may need to check shoe stores that provide variable sizing.

To learn more and find how we can help, get in touch with us today.

In the meantime, check our range of customisable shoes.

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