Lace-Up or Slip-On Shoes: What to Wear

Lace-Up or Slip-On Shoes: What to Wear

Jan 17 , 2021

Erandika Mohanathasan

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The choice on going for lace-up or slip-on usually depends on the feet type, laziness, style/ looks a person prefers and most importantly: the occasion.

For example, for some outdoor activities that need safety boots or hiking shoes, it is required to wear a lace-up boot as it gives stability and added protection.

But if it is an indoor workshop, slip-on boots are preferred, as they are comfortable and breathable. (Although, as laces are a trip hazard, they have a mixed attachment in terms of using as safety boots).

On the other hand, when it comes to dressing up for different occasions, usually lace-up shoes are preferred for a professional environment. For example, Oxford shoes are considered to be ideal for a job interview, as Slip-Ons are considered lazy by some in the professional (corporate) world. 

Lace - Up

Lace-ups are mostly found in sports shoes, boots and formal wear, but they can be seen in leisure wear as well.

Lace-Up shoes offer joint (especially ankle) support and stability. Therefore, it is best to wear lace-up if you have foot issues.

In addition, shoes with laces are considered more durable and the shoe sizing can be somewhat adjusted with the lace.

Further, slip-on shoes are usually ankle length, but lace-up shoe height varies as it can be easily tightened.

Medically speaking, podiatrists prefer lace-up shoes over slip-ons.


Slip-On shoes are more breathable compared to other shoes. 

Similarly, they are also considered more comfortable as it is easy to put on and take it off and do not have to keep tying the shoelaces. 

In most cases, slip-ons are stylish, especially some slip-on loafers give you a classy look.

So the question, Lace-Up or Slip-On? The answer is up to you. Simply, they both have their own advantages. So, it is up to you on which one you prefer.

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